October 9, 2012 2:36 pm

Your opinion matters! Please complete the StarTalk Radio user survey

StarTalk User Survey

Your opinion matters! Take the StarTalk Radio Users Survey.

As you know, StarTalk Radio is partially funded by the National Science Foundation. Together, we’re surveying our fans about their experiences with StarTalk Radio: the show, the website, our social media presence.

Your feedback will help us better understand our audience and the ways you’re using the various StarTalk Radio media, from our RSS feed and Twitter to this blog itself.

The survey won’t take too long to complete — approximately 10 minutes. (One of our fans had problems trying to complete the survey on a mobile phone, so you may want to skip that. We also recommend not completing the survey while driving, swimming, or attempting to set the new skydiving speed record from the edge of space.)

Your responses will be kept confidential.

We thank you in advance for your participation. To complete the survey, please click here.

  • I have never missed an episod. Period.

  • Just found out about Startalk Radio about two weeks ago and can’t believe I’ve never seen it. Awesome show. Thanks Neil and everybody who makes this show happen.

  • Stephen

    I just started listening to the show. I actually have downloaded the backlog of podcasts to start listening to all of those. A couple of suggestions I do have:

    1) Please turn the bass down for the guy that announces the show. When I’m listening in my car, the subwoofer goes crazy with his voice. The rest of the show is fine.
    2) Have your Facebook accounts update with your Twitter accounts. I rarely check twitter, so I would like to see you wise thoughts closer to when they are posted.

    I love how you make a usually boring classroom subject interesting to the normal folk. I have always been science literate, but found it hard to talk to others that are not. You pass that barrier on your show via the use of comedians as guest hosts to represent the uninformed masses, and through your own humorous views of the universe. Keep up the great show and I will continue to spread the gospel that is: Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • James Graham

    Love the show! Am a new audience member within the past couple months. I listen in on as much as I can during my hour commute to work. I only wish I could hear your show more than one day a week (sundays). Your show makes me wish my commute was longer so I can hear more of the show!

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