April 9, 2014 7:49 pm

Visit StarTalk Radio at the 2014 Northeast Astronomy Forum this weekend!

A shot of the exhibit floor at The Northeast Astronomy Forum

Visit StarTalk Radio at the Northeast Astronomy Forum April 12 & 13, 2014.

StarTalk Radio will be back at NEAF this weekend, April 12-13th. Once again, Neil won’t be with us manning the booth, but he will be at the show… sort of.

He’ll be on the big screen as part of a special live video presentation and Q&A about the new COSMOS series on FOX…

So who will be there for StarTalk?

Our Social Media Coordinator, Stacey Severn, who also manages our Facebook page, will be there along with her son, Elliot Severn, our volunteer photographer. Actually, both Severns are amateur astronomers who take photos for us… if you’ve seen a shot from a StarTalk Live!, it’s likely one of them took it.

For anyone not familiar with NEAF, “It’s the largest astronomy show in the United States, world renowned speakers and America’s biggest exhibitor floor with more than 130 vendors from all over the planet, astronomy workshops, daily solar observing, and much, much more!” It’s run by the Rockland Astronomy Club, and it’s in its 23rd year.

Say Hello, Enter to Win an Autographed StarTalk Radio Baseball Cap

Stop by our booth and enter into a drawing to win a StarTalk Radio baseball cap autographed by Neil deGrasse Tyson. You can also sign up for our mailing list and newsletter, join our Cosmic Community if you’re part of an astronomy club or other scientific organization, and if you haven’t yet gotten a digitally autographed copy of Neil, you can sign up for that too and we’ll send you one via email.

NEAF is being held at Rockland Community College (aka SUNY RCC or the SUNY Rockland Campus) in Suffern, NY, thirty minutes north of NYC at 145 College Road in Suffern, NY. Sponsors include Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Magazine.

NEAF’s featured speakers include:

  • Dr. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator, New Horizons Mission to Pluto
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson, Special Live Video presentation and Q&A session by the host of the new TV series Cosmos
  • Matt Greenhouse, NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, The James Webb Space Telescope
  • Garik Israelian, Astrophysicist / Spectroscopist, Institute of Astrophysics of Canary Islands – Stars With Extrasolar Planets: Are They Different?
  • Joe Rao, Meteorologist, News12 TV Personality, The 2014 Comet LINEAR Meteor Shower
  • Stephen Ramsden, Director, Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project, The Importance of STEM Outreach in the Community and a 2013-2014 Solar Activity Recap.
  • Monica Young, S&T, Astrophysicist, Black Holes, Quasars, and Object G2 at the Center of the Galaxy
  • Dr. Richard T. Fienberg, AAS, ProAm Collaborations
  • Dave Eicher, Astronomy, Comets: Visitors from Deep Space

And there will be Daily Presentations & Talks in the iOptron Theater, including:

  • Stephen Ramsden, Charlie Bates Solar Project, Recent Solar Activity, International SUN-day & the importance of science outreach in our world.
  • Dr. Ken Kremer, NASA/JPL Planetary Ambassador, Future of NASA – Orion, SpaceX, Antares & more!
  • Al Nagler, Optical Designer, Choosing Eyepieces
  • Springfield Telescope Makers, Stellafane Convention 2013
  • International Dark Sky Association, Light Pollution Update
  • Dr. Bernie Sokolowski, Beginners Class in Telescopes

You can find out more about NEAF here.

So stop by our booth, say hi to Stacey and Elliot, and enjoy a weekend hanging out with thousands of people who share your love of space exploration and astronomy.

That’s it for now. Keep Looking Up!

–Jeffrey Simons


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