February 6, 2016 12:37 pm

The Votes Are In: Results of the StarTalk Radio Season 6 Fan Favorites Poll

Elon Musk unveils the Dragon V2 during a ceremony for the new spacecraft inside SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif. Image Credit: NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis

The votes are in! Our fans have spoken! Thank you all for your responses to our Season 6 Fan Favorites Poll.

Your favorite episode of the year was The Future of Humanity with Elon Musk, followed by Colonizing Mars with Bas Lansdorp and A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 1).

Your favorite Cosmic Queries episode was Cosmic Queries: Colonizing Mars, followed by Cosmic Queries: Bill Nye Edition and Cosmic Queries: Rocket Science Is Hard.

When it comes to your favorite co-host, we’ve had an upset! For the first time since we started this survey, you picked Chuck Nice as your favorite co-host. Chuck narrowly beat out Eugene Mirman by less than 2% of the vote. (Sounds like Iowa, and proof that every vote counts.)

Your favorite guest this year was again Bill Nye the Science Guy, followed by Elon Musk and Richard Dawkins.

As always, we’ll be using your feedback to create our Season 6 Time Capsule episodes, one for regular episodes and one for Cosmic Queries episodes.

As we did last year at your request, we’re printing all the results in all the categories. Speaking of your request, after repeated entreaties from fans who feel that choosing just 3 favorites is too painful, next year you’ll be able to vote for 5 Favorite Episodes, Cosmic Queries, and Guests.

Now, without further ado, it’s time to stop predicting the election results and see who the voters actually chose.


Favorite Episode

  1. The Future of Humanity with Elon Musk
  2. Colonizing Mars with Bas Lansdorp
  3. A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 1)
  4. The Value of Science, with Brian Cox 
  5. Exploring Science and Religion with Richard Dawkins
  6. A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 2)
  7. The Science of Family Guy with Seth MacFarlane
  8. StarTalk Live! Evolution with Richard Dawkins (Part 1)
  9. Decoding Science and Politics with Bill Clinton
  10. George Takei and the Legacy of Star Trek
  11. The Science of Illusion with Penn & Teller
  12. A Conversation with Alan Rickman, Revisited
  13. Combating Disease with Jimmy Carter
  14. The Science of Interstellar with Christopher Nolan
  15. The Story of Life on Earth with Sir David Attenborough
  16. A Conversation with God Extended Classic
  17. StarTalk Live! Evolution with Richard Dawkins (Part 2)
  18. NASA’s Vision for Space with Charles Bolden
  19. Rocket City Rednecks
  20. Time Lords: The Science of Keeping Time with Chris Hardwick Extended Classic
  21. Are You Out of Your Mind with Oliver Sacks Extended Classic
  22. Exploring Science and Comedy with Larry Wilmore
  23. Social Media in Space with Chris Hadfield
  24. Autism and Animal Science with Dr. Temple Grandin
  25. Madame Saturn: A Conversation with Carolyn Porco (Part 1) Extended Classic
  26. StarTalk Live! Climate Change
  27. The Science of Creativity, with David Byrne
  28. Science and Social Justice with David Crosby
  29. StarTalk Live! at the Apollo (Part 1)
  30. The Evolution of Love and Sex with Dan Savage
  31. The Impact of Twitter on Society with Biz Stone
  32. Expanding Our Perspectives, with Susan Sarandon
  33. StarTalk Live! Parasites and Poisons at The Bell House
  34. Tour of the Solar System Extended Classic
  35. Madame Saturn – A Conversation with Carolyn Porco (Part 2) Extended Classic
  36. StarTalk Live! Water World (Part 1)
  37. The Science of Music with Josh Groban
  38. StarTalk Live! from SF Sketchfest 2015
  39. StarTalk Live! at the Apollo (Part 2)
  40. A Universe of Inspiration (Repeat)
  41. Holiday Lights Extended Classic
  42. Protecting Our Environment, with Gina McCarthy (airs February 5)
  43. StarTalk Live! Sociology and the Human Condition
  44. StarTalk Live! Water World (Part 2)
  45. TV and the Evolution of American Culture with Norman Lear
  46. The Digital Revolution with Arianna Huffington


Favorite Cosmic Queries Episode

  1. Cosmic Queries: Colonizing Mars
  2. Cosmic Queries: Bill Nye Edition
  3. Cosmic Queries: Rocket Science Is Hard
  4. Cosmic Queries: Star Trek
  5. Cosmic Queries: Super Powers
  6. Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 1)
  7. Cosmic Queries: LightSail with Bill Nye
  8. Cosmic Queries: Potpourri
  9. Cosmic Queries: Monsters with Bill Nye
  10. Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 2)
  11. Cosmic Queries: The Science of Love (airs February 12)


Favorite Guest

  1. Bill Nye
  2. Elon Musk
  3. Richard Dawkins
  4. Brian Cox
  5. Seth MacFarlane
  6. Edward Snowden
  7. Mike Massimino
  8. President Bill Clinton
  9. Bas Lansdorp
  10. Chris Hadfield
  11. Ryan MacDonald
  12. David Attenborough
  13. President Jimmy Carter
  14. Senator Cory Booker
  15. The Tweet of God
  16. George Takei
  17. Dr. Carolyn Porco
  18. Penn Jillette
  19. H. Jon Benjamin
  20. Alan Rickman
  21. Oliver Sacks
  22. Andy Weir
  23. David Crosby
  24. Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J.
  25. David Byrne
  26. Jim Gaffigan
  27. Dr. Temple Grandin
  28. Charles Liu
  29. Cara Santa Maria
  30. Susan Sarandon
  31. Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden
  32. Jemaine Clement
  33. Dr. Helen Fisher
  34. Chris Hardwick
  35. Maeve Higgins
  36. Christopher Nolan
  37. Dr. Janna Levin
  38. Dr. Mónica López-González
  39. Larry Wilmore
  40. Wyatt Cenac
  41. His Holiness The Gyalwang Drukpa
  42. Malcolm Gladwell
  43. Norman Lear
  44. Teller
  45. Josh Groban
  46. Dr. Heidi Hammel
  47. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  48. Rev. James Martin, SJ
  49. Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig
  50. Dr. Tess Russo
  51. Dan Savage
  52. Michael Shermer
  53. Jason Silva
  54. Biz Stone
  55. Jason Sudeikis
  56. Dr. Travis S. Taylor
  57. Jessica Williams
  58. Saul Austerlitz
  59. Anthony Aveni
  60. Michael Che
  61. David Cope
  62. Juan Enriquez
  63. Dr. G Scott Hubbard
  64. Arianna Huffington
  65. Jeff Jarvis
  66. Elaine Kwon
  67. Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde
  68. Peter Max
  69. Gina McCarthy
  70. Matt Mira
  71. Dr. Alondra Nelson
  72. Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer
  73. Naomi Oreskes
  74. Dr. Yvonne Pendleton
  75. Dr. Ainissa Ramirez
  76. Frank Reed
  77. Andrew Revkin
  78. Dr. Emily Rice
  79. Phoebe Robinson
  80. Robert Seaman
  81. Paul Shapiro
  82. Dr. Michael Shara
  83. Mark Siddall
  84. Simon Singh
  85. Dr. Steven Soter
  86. Dr. Steve Squyres
  87. Thomas Sugrue
  88. Clive Thompson
  89. Steven J. Tyson Jr. (“Tyson”)
  90. Dr. Paul Wang
  91. Scott Weems


Favorite Co-Host

  1. Chuck Nice
  2. Eugene Mirman
  3. Leighann Lord
  4. Maeve Higgins
  5. Lynne Koplitz


We’ll let you know when the Season 6 Time Capsule episodes are ready, here on the blog and on all of our social media channels.

That’s it for now. Keep Looking Up!
–Jeffrey Simons