May 21, 2014 8:07 pm

StarTalk Radio Space and Science Tumblr Spotlight

Today’s guest blog post is by StarTalk Radio Social Media Assistant Sarah Cotten, who manages our Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest channels.

Are you following us on Tumblr yet? If you are, you’ve already seen some of the fantastic pages that I’ve been reblogging from. If you haven’t, go check us out! There’s some great content on there, specially cultivated for our community (not to mention things that I think are super cool). During my Tumblr travels, there are a few users that have caught my eye, and I wanted to share some of them with everybody.

Screen capture of The StarTalk Radio Tumblr page


Oh, Star Stuff

I really love this Tumblr account for a few reasons. Not only do they post some gorgeous photos of space, but also they always have really great science quotes. When I’m scrolling along their page, I know I’m going to see something fun and unique. Not to mention, they run a great Instagram account, too!

Screen capture of Oh, Star Stuff on Tumblr


I don’t know many 18 year-olds as passionate about science as Mari-Liis, the owner and creator of Her posts are insightful and interesting, and filled with personal photos of the night sky and the world around her. It’s so inspiring for young women in the sciences, seeing a brilliant woman pursuing her passions.

Screen capture of Sci-Universe on Tumblr

Exploring Space

This is a great Tumblr, full of some of the most beautiful photos of space that I’ve ever seen. No muss, no fuss, just enjoy the images of planets and stars and nebulas. It’s my go-to Tumblr when I want to find some color to dress up our page.

Screen capture of Exploring Space on Tumblr


If you want a science Tumblr with a dash of personality to it, this is a great place to start. It’s a personal blog, so sometimes you’ll find music and selfies scattered between the photos of space, not to mention a splash of the other sciences, like geology and oceanography. I really enjoy the merging of science, a gentle reminder that it all relates, in the end.

Screen capture of Megacosms on Tumblr

The Universe

Not only does The-Actual-Universe post entries of space, they also find interesting bits of art and events that relate back to space and physics. The combination of both images and news is a great way to keep yourself educated, while not overwhelming in the slightest. They’ve found some of the most beautiful images on the Internet, and I always feel more informed after scrolling through their tags. Make sure to check out their Facebook page as well!

Screen Capture of The Actual Universe on Tumblr

Make sure you check all these blogs! I’ve had a great time scrolling through endless photos and news posts, looking for the best things to reblog on our page, and these are the places I go first. Hope you to see you all on our Tumblr, and don’t forget to visit us on Instagram, too!

See you guys!
~ Sarah


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