StarTalk+ FAQ

1. I have subscribed to StarTalk+, but each time I click on a page, it says “Unlock with Patreon”.

A: Make sure you have the “Ad-Free Video” or “Ad-Free Audio” tab selected. Do not click on “Legacy Video.” Be sure to log in to your Patreon account, and make sure you are at the $5 and up level. Once you’re logged in, you can refresh the page at and you should be logged in. 

2. I logged in and can’t get to StarTalk+ or see any videos.

A: Once you sign up and log in, any ad-free episode should play. Go right to and enjoy StarTalk! 

3. Why am I not able to view StarTalk NatGeo episodes on StarTalk+?

A: We co-produce the StarTalk TV show with the National Geographic Channel, and they retain rights to the videos. We get the rights to the podcast versions of the TV shows. Many StarTalk TV episodes are available as audio-only podcasts. 

The NatGeo TV subscription is separate from StarTalk+, but NatGeo carries full current season video episodes on their website, We are working to bring you video of parts of the celebrity interviews that are not shown in the actual NatGeo episodes.

4. Can I watch on my AppleTV/Roku/Amazon Fire?

A: StarTalk+ only works through your browser or through the Patreon RSS feed. If you want to watch something on your TV, you can try mirroring your content if the hardware allows.

5. Is there a StarTalk+ app that I can download on my phone? Can commercial-free podcasts be downloaded to my phone?

A: StarTalk+ videos are streaming-only. You can not download video. You can only watch commercial-free video through a web browser or through the Patreon app. See below for audio downloading instructions. You can, however, download audio podcasts. See #6.

6. Can I download ad-free podcast episodes to my phone?

A: Yes! You can download them through the Patreon app, or you can add your custom RSS feed to your favorite podcast player. You can find your custom RSS link at Click on StarTalk, and then click on Overview. For more information on the RSS feed, click here:

If you’re using the Patreon app, click on the download arrow (↓) next to an audio file on a Patreon post. That will show up in your audio downloads folder in the Patreon app.


7. Can I give a gift subscription to StarTalk+?

A: Unfortunately, Patreon don’t have a billing/provisioning mechanism in place to order/fulfill gift subscriptions.

8. I canceled my Patreon pledge or reduced it below $5 and I can no longer access StarTalk+, even though I paid for a full month.

A: You can cancel your subscription at any time with no cancellation fee, however StarTalk+ may no longer be accessible once a pledge is terminated. Refunds are not provided for prorated periods. You can cancel your subscription by cancelling your Patreon pledge, or supporting us on Patreon at a level below $5.

9. I am concerned about security and privacy, and do not want to provide my credit card number to obtain a StarTalk+ subscription.

A: You can subscribe to StarTalk+ with a credit card though, or via PayPal through Patreon. Customer information is collected by Patreon for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared by StarTalk. You can access Patreon’s complete privacy policy by visiting

10. Who can I contact if I’m having an issue with my StarTalk+ service?

A: Please contact customer support: [email protected]

11. I’m trying to watch StarTalk+, but my browser displays a ‘forbidden’ message.

A: The “Forbidden” message usually comes from blocking third-party cookies in your browser settings.

To manage these settings in Chrome specifically on desktop, navigate to 
chrome://settings/content/cookies in the browser and uncheck Block third-party cookies. 
On mobile, navigate to Settings>>Site settings>Cookies.


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