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StarTalk and Stitcher present our new podcast, Playing with Science, where we explore the science behind some of the most iconic, memorable moments in sports. Our new show is hosted by professional British soccer player and sports broadcaster Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice, voted “Fan Favorite StarTalk co-host” for the past two years. Our guests will include top professional athletes, sports experts, coaches, and pundits, and even everyone’s personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. In this special “Episode Zero” teaser, you’ll hear Chuck and Gary describe the show, and then you’ll hear a segment from our episode about 1972’s Immaculate Reception, arguably the most famous play in the history of NFL football, where Franco Harris caught a deflected pass by Terry Bradshaw to score a touchdown, win the playoff game, and begin the infamous rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders that persists to this day. The episode features Chuck, Gary, guest physicist John Eric Goff, who is the author of Gold Medal Physics: The Science of Sports, sports writer Jim Brennan, Neil deGrasse Tyson and NY Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Welcome to the show, and remember: “Playing with fire gets you burned, Playing with Science gets you learned.”

New episodes will premiere Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET starting February 1 on the Playing with Science channels right here on our website, and on iTunes Podcasts, StitcherSoundCloud, Google Play Music, and on the Playing with Science RSS feed.

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  • Matt Rosenblum

    The episode was just working but now has an error message

  • Jonathan, this is Episode Zero – it’s just a sneak peak…a teaser, to give you a taste of what StarTalk Playing with Science will be like. Our first full episode will be on February 1 at 7pm EST.

    • Jonathan

      Great thank you, and I do like so far for want you put up

  • Gladiator2000

    Topic: When is football going to get rid of the first down chains: why not just use a laser pointer and shoot across the field? For example, to see if the ball is beyond the point of a first down shoot the laser to see if the ball has breached the plane: if so then first down. Love the show so far and looking forward to more. Vince

  • SassyGrace

    FYI. Listened to the Immaculate Reception podcast. Someone commented that the Steelers were horrible before the 70s and in the 60s, “Bradshaw was benched”. Tough to do in the sixties since Bradshaw was still at Louisiana Tech. Bradshaw drafted by Pittsburgh in 1970 (after suffering a 1-13 season).

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