Interlocked Gender Sign in Human Head. Illustration Credit: mahesh14/iStock.
Interlocked Gender Sign in Human Head. Illustration Credit: mahesh14/iStock.

The Science of Sex (Part 2)

Illustration Credit: mahesh14/iStock.
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The Science of Sex comes to its inevitable climax in this episode of StarTalk Radio. From the start, when Neil deGrasse Tyson and sex therapist Dr. Ruth discuss whether size matters when talking about planets and penises, to the finish, when the pair discuss aliens and sex under the stars, you’re in for a satisfying experience. Where else would two astrophysicists, Neil and Charles Liu, discuss arousal in terms of pupil dilation and norepinephrine release, and ejaculation in terms of sperm volume and velocity, in the same episode that Kristen Schaal goes bananas over sex-crazed bonobos? Not to be outdone, Mary Roach describes how she and her husband “took one for the readers” by becoming the first couple to have sex recorded with 4-D ultrasound imaging, and tells us who has better sex and why according to a study by sexuality researchers Masters and Johnson.

(Note: Portions of this podcast appeared previously in a StarTalk Radio video on The Nerdist Channel.)

NOTE: All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: The Science of Sex (Part 2).

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