The Science of Family Guy with Seth MacFarlane

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What can we learn about time travel or the multiverse from Stewie and Brian on Family Guy? Find out when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews his friend (and fellow COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey Executive Producer) Seth MacFarlane. You’ll discover what drew Seth to science as a kid in the first place. Neil and Seth reminisce about how they met, and how Neil became the science consultant on the episode where Stewie goes back to the Big Bang. Seth explains how he was able to do three parody episodes of Star Wars, and got the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation to be in an episode. In studio, the two Chucks – co-host Chuck Nice and frequent guest astrophysicist Charles Liu – discuss the cartoon laws of physics, the history and technology of animation, political correctness, scientific literacy and aliens. You’ll also hear the story behind COSMOS for Rednecks, along with Seth’s hilarious Carl Sagan impression. Speaking of animation, Simon Singh, author of The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets, calls in to discuss the pervasive use of advanced mathematics in the longest running American animated program and sitcom of all time. Plus, Bill Nye visits Forbidden Planet, a NYC comic book shop, and dons his very own super hero cape.

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  • dante

    i know seth and neil are friends, but this is….

    • … is what? Now you’ve got me curious.

      • mkai wrnr


      • MusicFiend

        Yeah, seriously. This is what?

  • MusicFiend

    Neil, Hawking and Krauss are the reason I’m finishing my Masters in physics today. Without them I’d probably still be flipping burgers and selling weed on the side just to eat. Thank You Thank You Thank YOU!

    • Congratulations on getting your Masters in physics. To quote our guest host, Bill Nye, “Now get out there and, dare I say it, Change The World!”

    • Taxil Necrobane

      So did you get a job that required that Masters degree then?

  • Tim

    The explanation about space and time, seems like it requires some kind of universal reference of space, which shouldn’t exist. To describe a point in space, it needs to be relative to something else.

  • Matthew Jerome Simpson

    I hate when people use one stretched aspect of Sci-fi or a cartoon to trivialize something that’s wrong with it. “Oh there’s a talking dog but you’re worried that America is on the south pole, it’s a cartoon, dude.” “Oh there’s a guy in a cape but you’re bothered that there’s two moons for no reason, it’s a movie, bruh”

    No, NOT fucking those things up makes the whole thing more convincing. It’s supports the suspension of disbelief, and keeps from alienating people who know about subjects in the story.

  • Steve Bui

    Charles Liu tries too hard to be funny and show his intelligence but really just ends up saying obvious comments and useless facts.

  • juandiegov

    Amazing! Thank you!

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