The Digital Revolution with Arianna Huffington

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Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the information age with two of its digital elite: Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington and BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis. Learn how The Huffington Post helped elevate and legitimize blogging, and whether blogging and aggregation should even be considered news. Find out whether modern journalism can thrive in a “post-Gutenberg era” where fragmentation has replaced mass. You’ll hear a spirited in-studio discussion between Neil, Jeff and co-host Chuck Nice about trust, bias, and bubbles of reinforced narrative in the world of online media. Explore “Godwin’s Law” – that given enough time, any chat thread will end up with a reference to Hitler or the Nazis – and find out why “Don’t Feed the Trolls” is everyone’s responsibility. Plus, Arianna explains the role of science and religion in her life and in HuffPo’s science section, and Bill Nye shares about sharing.

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  • axnyslie

    Huffpo degraded online journalism significantly by resorting to clickbait headlines, meme inspired puff pieces, and aggressively pushing alarmist pseudoscience malarky. Not to mention rampant censorship of the commenters while allowing trolls to dominate the narrative.

    • Forrest

      Welcome to the internet, you must be new here.

    • Taxil Necrobane

      I can mostly agree with you. However few people bother to ever bother going to the huffington-puffington post. The vast majority of people of all types go to the Drudge Report or to the The Blaze anyway.

  • VVale

    I agree with arianna in that news is negative. People turn off your TV cables. Why expose yourselves to all negativity? it is bad for your mental health.

  • Paul M. Lundgren

    Ariana Huffington has gotten filthy rich by ingratiating herself within the powerful and elite, and her exploitation of struggling (and often unpaid) bloggers is truly legendary and despicable.

    I’m disappointed in Dr. Tyson’s guests lately.

  • wayne

    what a disaster of a guest this week very poor show startalk can do much better !!!

  • lssplack

    Great interview with Natasha… When will Neil speak to Boris? Just kidding… great show!

  • A.M. Thompson

    Godwin’s Law isn’t necessarily about all blogs or online conversation-debate devolving into accusations of Nazism. It’s the premise that as soon as a hyperbolic analogy using Hitler or Nazi Germany is used to win an online argument it immediately negates the validity of the user of the hyperbole. When Nazism and Hitler are used thoughtfully as contrast or comparison discussion they can be valid and apt. Likening Feminists to Nazis: Immediate disqualification.

    Upon trip tripping over the bridge: Allowing trolls to victimize people (often minority voices, primarily female voices) by “ignoring” is complicity in bullying social behaviors, and amounts to siding with the bullies, or the trolls. There is actually more to gain by calling out the trolls as it reaffirms a much larger community of civil people in support of minority voices. When folks “troll a troll” they appeal to all of our better angels. It is important to also point out that often online bullying reaches into “real life”. Trolls have published personal identifications of individuals, and made real their threats on their victim’s livelihoods as well as personal safety. So ignoring online harassment can isolate a victim and invalidate their reasonable fears of retribution for having spoken up. Plus, did ignoring bullies ever work IRL?

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