Neil deGrasse Tyson leaning on Bill Nye the Science Guy, Photo Credit: © Elliot Severn, All rights reserved
Neil deGrasse Tyson leaning on Bill Nye the Science Guy, Photo Credit: © Elliot Severn, All rights reserved

StarTalk Live: The Particle Party (Part 1)

A lighter moment from StarTalk Live at The Bell House, 7/11/12: astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, CEO of the Planetary Society. Photo Credit: © Elliot Severn, All rights reserved

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On the heels of the discovery of the Higgs boson, Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson celebrated by throwing a “Particle Party” at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY on July 11, 2012. Neil was joined onstage by his old friend Bill Nye the Science Guy and Kyle Cranmer, one of the CERN physicists who actually helped discover the Higgs. Now it’s your chance to join them on a journey into the subatomic heart of the fabric of existence. Of course, it wouldn’t be a StarTalk Live without comic co-host Eugene Mirman, who was also joined by comedian Scott Adsit of 30 Rock and Sara Vowell, author and social commentator. Part 1 starts with a discussion of the 4 forces and 12 particles that make up the structure of nature and ends with the story of how the Higgs boson was discovered and why it’s so important.

NOTE: All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: StarTalk Live: The Particle Party (Part 1).


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  • Steve

    NDT is my man crush.

  • Loved this StarTalk, I’m new to this but I believe I will keep on checking these talks, because you guys make a great work, are very funny, and of course, entertain people (and that is the main point) but also alert people to the work and wonders of science, and in some way inspire people be aware of science literacy.

  • Linda

    I love this show. It makes my brain tickle!! Thanks Dr Tyson!

  • Loryn

    We loved the first part. When do we get to hear the rest? 0_0

  • Bassel

    I love how NDT is becoming a science rockstar.
    Also Nye is a hero. seriously.
    Although i didn’t know many of the names who were on this show, you guys all rock!


  • Shaun Bizecker

    Loved the backstage footage a few weeks back, glad this is finally up! Can we get the full video of this?! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  • Samara Rodarte

    I really really really loved this. So much. Having Bill Nye on was like having someone advocating for people who aren’t Scientists, explaining everything so simply. This whole episode just made me feel like a little girl. I really loved it. I think Neil & Bill should have their own show, talk about science news and have special guests like this! I don’t think anyone who loves science would have a problem with that!

    • Jeff

      I got to talk to Bill Nye in the green room before the show and I know what you mean, Samara. I second your idea for Neil and Bill having a show together.

  • Aldridge517

    Listening to this while doing my homework. Great show.

  • Drew Mcdowell

    Hey Andre, you should check out the older episodes too! This show is awesome, and I’d recomend the live at the Bell House episodes.

  • Brandon Brown

    What a treasure to see such a group of geniuses and comedians in one segment. A pleasure and an honor!

  • Love Star talk! NDT is the man! Nerd is the new cool, deal with it jocks.

  • Clayknoll

    I wiiiiiiish these were longer, they are soooooooo goood

  • Dennis_Russia

    Great show! I laughed hard, all the jokes are intelligent and make you think while entertaining. I can’t wait to see the second part on the site. Neis made a good point about faster than speed of light neutrino, I was astonished by the “discovery” myself, I almost believed in the new extension to the eistein’s physics, but then they said it was a mistake in the measurement of it’s speed. Hope it’s not gonna happen to the boson they finally discoved.

  • Sean Morrison

    Neil DegrasseTyson for President!

  • Pedro Reyes RMA, NCPT, BLS

    You bring the new science to the masses understandable. I know it’s not new, just newly experimented. Now I know why the dollar store didn’t have any more helium for my kids party. The scientists of today are doing the things that scientists of old only could dream about. Great work!

  • Luis Angel

    One of the best interviews I have ever heart heard… Can’t wait till part 2 comes out!

  • Leo

    Nice talk, I could do without the added in laughing though

  • Maarten Peels

    I’m the scientist of the future and I like this.

    • Jeff

      We’re going to hold you to that promise, Maarten.

  • Jason

    Where has this podcast been all my life? That was totally great. Definitely hooked. What a cast!

  • LiamMalice

    Particle Alchemy better be coming in the next 2 decades or all science-land will be receiving a strongly worded letter from me.

    • Jeff

      Particle Party Part 2 is slated for Nov 11th, Liam. So you can save your strongly worded letter for a glowing comment… it’s as good as Part 1!

  • Nick Goad

    Can’t wait for Nov 11th then, Jeff! Love this podcast, keep up the great work gents! =)

    • Jeff

      Thanks, Nick.

  • Dylan

    Lemme axe you DIS

  • Shervin

    Where can I see the video?

  • Lynn

    This needs to be televised.

  • Chris

    You got NDT, Bill Nye, Eugene Mirman, and Sarah Vowell in the same room to talk science…Man I love this show…

  • I can’t wait until they figure out the photon discrepancy which is novel and something that doesn’t match their calculations.

  • Lori Koonce

    OMG, all my favorite things in one podcast. NDT and Bill Nye are amazing where Science are considered, and Sarah Vowel is amazingly funny.

  • I laughed my ass off. I’m a layman – a graphic designer with zero math skills – and a quantum physics groupie and this was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much! -chery;

  • Andrew

    Oh my god, this is amazing…..just speechless. NDT and BNTSG are what got me into science and astronomy

  • Andrew

    And thank you for having moderation, keep all the ignorant people who do not know what they are talking about

  • Bhushan

    Love the show. Keep it coming Dr. Tyson 🙂

  • Israel Palma

    Extremely funny smart stuff! Awesome people!

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  • Deep Pilankar

    Eugene was on fire and killing it with awesome jokes, also amazing information, all the talks are just brilliant, keep up the good work Dr Tyson you are the best

  • Deep Pilankar

    Eugene was on fire and killing it with awesome jokes, also amazing information, all the talks are just brilliant, keep up the good work Dr Tyson you are the best

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