StarTalk Live! at the Apollo (Part 2)

StarTalk Live! onstage at the Apollo. Left to right: Eugene Mirman, Phoebe Robinson, Senator Cory Booker, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, Maeve Higgins. Credit: Elliot Severn.
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Our show from the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem concludes with a discussion of how technology and social media are empowering people to change the world. But it’s not all positive: Dr. Ainissa Ramirez raises questions about the impact of social media on our ability to communicate with each other, and Maeve Higgins, Phoebe Robinson and Senator Cory Booker talk about dealing with trolls – and ISIS. Eugene Mirman and the rest of the gang share their hopes for America’s future, social mobility, global warming, and The Kardashians, and the Senator shares his personal philosophy about choosing to be a force against hate. You’ll hear questions from the audience about topics including freedom of speech, hotels on the Moon, moving from STEM to STEAM, shifting funding priorities from the military to education, and even a question from a 10-year-old fan about role models and what inspired Neil deGrasse Tyson to become an astrophysicist. Plus, no trip to the Apollo would be complete without a musical act: in our case, an original StarTalk rap written and performed by Neil’s nephew Steven, aka the rapper Tyson.

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