StarTalk Live! A Night at the Neptune Theatre (Part 1)

Photo caption: Wil Wheaton, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Kristen Schaal, Paul F. Tompkins, and Eugene Mirman. Photo credit: Leslie Mullen

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For our first show on the road, where else could we go but make a pilgrimage to the Geek Mecca?  StarTalk performed to a packed house at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre on March 30, 2012, with comedian co-host Eugene Mirman, comedians Kristen Schaal and Paul F. Tompkins, and Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher, also known as the actor Wil Wheaton.  In this first part of the show, we discuss all things Star Trek, from the sci-fi technology of the future the show imagines to sex with aliens.

NOTE: All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: StarTalk Live! A Night at the Neptune Theatre (Part 1).

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  • Bryce

    I’ve got a huge crush on Kristen Schaal and a massive man-crush on NDT and I look sort of like Eugene Mirman. Too bad everything Wil Wheaton does is awful or this would be my favorite podcast of all time.

    • Jeff

      We’ve got to respectfully disagree about Wil, Bryce. Not only does he provide some of the sharpest, cleverest and honest commentary on the world, the media, creativity and society, but he’s turned in some memorable performances in his career. From Stand By Me to The Big Bang Theory, and a little thing called ST:TNG in between, we can’t get us enough of @wilw. Oh, and one other thing: Kristen got married a few weeks ago. (But we still agree with you about her!)

  • Jet

    I noticed your sideburns, Neil. If I’d have met you I would have mentioned it, but I haven’t. Yet.

    • Melissa Humbert

      As far as medical technology goes, both of my parents spent time in the hospital recently. While they used computers extensively for charting, those computers still ran on Windows XP, or even Windows 95! Meanwhile, the rest of the world is up to Windows 8.

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