Season 5 Time Capsule (Part 2)

Photo Credits (Clockwise from top left): NASA/JPL-Caltech; Smithsonian Institution; Doug Zubenel (TWAN) (courtesy of NASA APOD); Luc Viatour/; CERN; Wikimedia Commons - aussiegall from Sydney, Australia.

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You asked the questions, you chose the episodes! Join us for your favorite Cosmic Queries of Season 5, answered by your own personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and guest hosts Bill Nye and Dr. Amy Mainzer: Cosmic Queries: Gravity, Cosmic Queries with Bill Nye and Astro Mike, Cosmic Queries: Art and Science, Cosmic Queries: Time Travel, Cosmic Queries: Comets and Asteroids with Dr. Amy Mainzer, Cosmic Queries: Science in Movies and TV, Cosmic Queries: Space and Science with Bill Nye, Cosmic Queries: Primate Evolution. Join Neil to examine gravity and the fundamental forces with Leighann Lord, dissect the golden ratio with Chuck Nice, and search for time travelers with Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost. Find out how to blow up a planet with Eugene Mirman, and ponder the possibility of selectively breeding intelligent “super chimps” with Dr. Ian Tattersall. You’ll also learn how to make a black hole with Bill Nye and Astro Mike Massimino; explore comets and asteroids with Dr. Amy Mainzer; and compute the gravitational attraction between a man and a woman with Bill and Chuck. How better to end a great season than with great questions and illuminating answers?

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  • Greggy

    Just a quick question: will you be putting that Dawkins conversation that was tapped live in that theatre few months ago or was that part of something else and not StarTalk?

    • startalkradio

      Greggy, it was StarTalk Live! and it will be two episodes of our podcast/radio show some time in Season 6, which starts in a couple of weeks. Our schedule is still not solidified yet, so I can’t give you an exact date yet. But when the show is scheduled, we’ll tell everyone on the blog and on social media.

  • Princess Leia

    Please, oh please, for the love of all that is good and evolved on this planet, have a Paleontologist on StarTalk. We are entering a new golden age of fossil discoveries. PLUS MY INNER CHILD NEEDS MORE DINOSAURS! RAAAAAWR!!!
    Thank you, ya’ll are amazing. (Especially Dr. Tyson, whose knowledge and passion shine as bright as Sirius.)

  • Phil Howard

    What is matter and how can it cause gravity? my answer: matter is the result WE think we see … the effect … of forces of space like time dilation

  • Just read the news that Star Talk will be on Nat Geo as a series!!! Almost fell out of my chair! Can’t wait.

  • Being a 77 year old retired US Navy Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer and a geek from as long back as I can remember, I watched a YouTube clip with Neil and his laser pointer and remembered my first one and playing put the dot on the yacht in Bora Bora one night with a boat anchored out about 3 to 400 meters from the beach that we were fishing from. That was about 20 years ago and it caused quite a stir as the Tahitians had never seen a laser before and were amazed that I could make a penlite (or so they thought) paint a dot at that range.
    I live on the island of Raiatea, which used to be named Havai Iki Nui, which is the island where the Maoris and the Hawaiians came from.

    Neil is a hero of mine, I would loved to have an officer like him to work under when I was in the Nav. I worked under some of the very best, but never had a chance to have anyone who could even close to him. He makes me proud that I was an American. I now live in French Polynesia and only wish that I could find a live stream of Star Talk or anything else Scientific down here. I download everything I can find and have a very good friend who watches all the Cosmos things I come up with and we talk about many different things. Most of the people down here do not read after they finish school, only newspapers and French TV is king. I find that for me I can stay happy downloading various things by Neil and Lawrence Krauss to keep me happy, but sure would like a live stream of Star Talk Radio…. Again, if wishes were horses……. Keep up the good work

  • startalkradio

    We don’t live stream our shows, Maheanuu. But you can get our podcasts on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and SoundCloud.

  • Science Grrrrl

    Just discovered StarTalk and I was soon excited to hear this episode. Such series of great questions! Thank you 🙂
    I am a science grrrrrl. I love science! And as such, I have to say that i was a liiiittle disappointed with some of the remarks made during the show which served to reminded me that science is a “boys club.” Nothing horrible was said…just little jokes that Eugene made that well, weren’t funny (Special thanks to Bill Nye (who fostered my love of sciences a little grrrrl and continues to inspire) for not thinking it was very funny either). Otherwise, fantastic show! SO happy to have discovered it!

  • Peter Hollens

    Thanks so much for playing my song with Lindsey Stirling at 35:30!!!! 🙂 🙂

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