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Enjoy the most memorable moments in a season worth remembering, pulled from the five most popular episodes chosen by our audience: StarTalk Live The Particle Party; A Conversation with Morgan Freeman; StarTalk Live: The Astronaut Session; Real Science with Bill Maher and StarTalk Live! A Night at Neptune. Where else can you hear Morgan Freeman explain why he’s not worried if aliens visit in the same podcast that astronaut Mike Massimino explains what it’s like to walk in space and look back at the Earth? Join astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and all our celebrity guests as we celebrate the discovery of the Higgs Boson with Bill Nye the Science Guy, take a trip to Geek Mecca with Wil Wheaton, and discuss religion and space exploration with Bill Maher.

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  • Tracy

    I just wanted to comment on the clip you have about your interview with Bill Maher. I am very disturbed by his dismissal of faith believers, and that they are not “among the brightest”. I find this to be very elitist and sterotiyping. There is such a greater part of faith out there then just “talking snakes” as he keeps referring to it. Faith filled believers have brought us many many scienctific advancements. There is a whole spectrum of believing, and just to dismiss the whole lot just encourages people not to explore trully what people believe, why they believe it, and not encourage a discussion between science and faith. There are several serious thinking people who have a faith -. I don’t understand why serious thinking persons like Bill Maher can’t discuss faith with people- and try to understand the why’s and hows, instead of just dismissing people who believe. Isn’t this what science is about – to explore and discover?

    • Jeff

      Tracy, you may want to listen to the entire interview with Bill Maher, Real Science with Bill Maher Parts 1 and 2. I am not suggesting you’ll be any less disturbed, but there is a longer, deeper discussion in the full episode about religion and other issues.

  • Does this mean… new season?

    • Jeff

      Yes, Gerardo. Season 4, Episode 1 podcast will be this Sunday at 7:00 PM ET!

  • Gene

    It’s funny to listen to Bill Maher talking about people “putting up a wall” to block out other ideas and possibilities, when he has clearly done that for himself. Dr. Grinspoon nailed it with the strawman comment. In fact, Dr. Grinspoon saved that entire segment.

  • I was surprised that Neil deGrasse Tyson claimed that things would not fly up if gravity was nullified.
    That would be true if things had no inertia, but they were discussing Eureka, a TV show set on Earth. Tyson well knows that the Earth is spinning, and that this imparts inertia to everything on it (in a later show, they discuss what would happen if it stopped spinning). If gravity stopped counteracting that inertia, things would go flying just as rocks fly from a sling. True, the “science” of Eureka was mostly fantasy, but in this case, they were right.

  • oldgeek

    It just hit my brain why the Earthlings aboard the spaceship in Close Encounters had not aged. Traveling at the speed of light, duh!!

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