The Science of Fitness, with Terry Crews

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Terry Crews. Credit: Brandon Royal.

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SEASON PREMIERE: It’s time to get pumped up when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews former NFL star and actor Terry Crews about physical fitness, exercise, and more. Neil and Terry share personal stories about how fear drove each of them to pursue strength to protect themselves and others. In the studio, Neil and Chuck Nice team up with exercise physiologist Dr. Felicia Stoler to review the benefits of weightlifting and flexibility training. You’ll learn why it’s important to exercise every day – and why it’s critical to allow time off between working the same muscles. Explore the science of nutrition, including why the proportion of nutrients is far more important than the source, why people in “blue zones” live longer than New Yorkers, and why Neil says that at some level, a healthy diet is all about physics. Terry, a proud carnivore who maintains 4% body fat, jokes around with Neil about judgmental vegans, while Chuck reminds Neil about a few famous StarTalk guests who happen to be vegans: NJ Senator Cory Booker, theoretical physicist Brian Greene, and former President Bill Clinton. NYU neural science professor Wendy Suzuki calls in to describe the impact of exercise on the brain: how walking can significantly improve creativity, as well as how exercise can help stimulate the growth of new neurons in your hippocampus and improve mood, attention, and long term memory function. Plus, Terry shows Neil his geek underbelly and shares how, as a young child growing up in a very religious household that prohibited movies, dancing, and music, it was Star Wars and science fiction that opened his mind to what was possible and made him who he is.

NOTE: All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: The Science of Fitness, with Terry Crews, as well as Neil’s extended interview with Terry Crews here.

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  • ironwolf9876

    I wish there was video to accompany this audio. This is absolutely hilarioius!

    • David M

      The video for this was aired on StarTalk on the National Geographic channel on December 6.

      • Yes, David, thanks for pointing that out. All of the StarTalk TV episodes air first on the National Geographic Channel, and then we post free podcast versions of the shows at a later date. We’ve been doing that for all three seasons of StarTalk TV. StarTalk TV is available with a cable subscription the day after air on TV-VOD and TV Everywhere platforms, including, Xbox1, Xbox 360, Samsung Connected TVsConnected TVs, Roku and Apple TV. It is available for purchase the day after air on channels including Apple, Xbox, Vudu, Amazon, Google, Sony and on DVD at the end of season. Finally, each episode will be available on Hulu plus with subscription and classic for free, 30 days after air.

        • Miles Herrbach

          You forgot Yahoo! View.

          • Thanks for pointing that out, Miles. I didn’t realize they had the show.

          • Miles Herrbach

            No blu-ray release? 🙁

      • ironwolf9876

        ahh damn! I don’t get that channel

  • Nichole Louise

    There are plenty of vegan athletes and Olympians! Look up Scott Jurek – you’ll be amazed by what he has accomplished.

  • professionalnovice1

    Don’t know if it was an accident or meant as a joke, but Neil is listed as “Comedian” on this episode… 😂

    • It was an accident, and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

      • professionalnovice1

        No problem. Happy to help.

  • axnyslie

    I would have liked it if they had addressed the huge industry of peudoscience in fitness such as vitamin supplements, amino acid pills & powders, and the myth of body cleansing. Missed opportunity there.

  • James T. Miller

    The ex phys is a bit sketch but enjoyable nonetheless

  • Katarzyna McMahon
  • Lauren

    Don’t forget the great vegans Kendrick Farris, Brenden Braizer (great book he wrote as well by the way about nutrition), many other olympic and other professional vegan athletes that kick ass out there eating great. 🙂 Just clearing that up there are lots of vegan professional athletes out there that eat healthy diets

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