Neuroscience and Physics Collide – All-Stars at BAM

Onstage at BAM: (L to R) Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene, Heather Berlin, and Chuck Nice. Credit: Elliot Severn.
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About This Episode

Neuroscience and physics collide on this episode of StarTalk All-Stars recorded at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as a part of our StarTalk at BAM: Science is Everywhere show. Host and neuroscientist Heather Berlin is joined by comic co-host Chuck Nice, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and theoretical physicist Brian Greene to ponder consciousness, time, and free will. You’ll hear Brian explain free will from the point of view of physics, while Heather explains free will through the lens of neuroscience, as well as showing how there can be common ground in both viewpoints. Canadian rapper and science communicator Baba Brinkman stops by to freestyle a rap based on our panel’s discussion about free will. You’ll learn more about time: whether or not it’s an illusion, how neural stimulation can change one’s perception of time, and what some of history’s greatest thinkers like Albert Einstein and John Archibald Wheeler had to say about time. All that, plus Heather gives details on the experiments happening in her lab and Brian leaves us with his parting thoughts…kind of.

Baba Brinkman is currently performing Rap Guide to Consciousness off-Broadway at the Soho Playhouse. Tickets can be found here.

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In This Episode

  • Host

    Heather Berlin

    Heather Berlin
    All-Stars host, Neuroscientist, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at The Icahn School Of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY
  • Co-Host

    Chuck Nice

    Chuck Nice
  • Guest

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Guest

    Brian Greene

    Brian Greene
    Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Columbia University
  • Guest

    Baba Brinkman

    Baba Brinkman
    Rap Artist, Playwright, Science Communicator

Episode Topics

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