MythBusters (Part 1)

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MythBusters are in the house! In Part 1, Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomes Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to his office to talk about experimentation and the importance of using good data when applying physics and science in real life. You’ll learn how easy it is to tell when an experiment is faked, using shadows, Space Shuttle launches and the Chelyabinsk meteor in Russia in 2013 to illustrate the point. You’ll find out how the two special effects wizards got started with MythBusters, what their first experiment was, what their most expensive episode was, and what happened when they tried to prove you can clean out a cement mixer with dynamite. Plus the problems that prevented them from investigating two infamous urban legends: alligators in New York City sewers and the infamous “Poodle in a Microwave.” Meanwhile, in the studio, Neil and Chuck chat about the Darwin Awards,, fear of reptiles and the least likely show to ever appear on Nickelodeon.

NOTE: All-Access subscribers can listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: MythBusters (Part 1).

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  • Christina Vonthronsohnhaus

    My Favorite show is when they show what a casket go through when you put 6 feet of dirt on top of it

  • Jim McLeod

    Doesn’t Adam Savage feel any shame knowing that Jamie Hyneman is the brains behind the team?

    • André Sarmento Barbosa

      Wrong conclusion.

    • rod

      clearly you don’t know how a production works

  • Jim McLeod

    Doesn’t Adam Savage feel any shame knowing that Jamie Hyneman is the brains behind the team?

  • Christie de los Reyes

    “If you fail, you cant help but learn something if you pay attention.” 🙂

  • Christie de los Reyes

    “If you fail, you cant help but learn something if you pay attention.” 🙂

  • Starrystarryjenn

    Maybe mythbusters can debunk the bible?!

    • Ken F.

      I wish, but then they would lose their show and they would have Phil Robertson from duck dynasty take over….

      • Martin Chestnutt

        The bible has already been debunked. Evolution is a scientific theory ( different to layman’s theory). It knocks out genisis and original sin so why believe? Basically Satan is us. A human construct made to suppress, and no Christian has had any actual evidence to prove otherwise. The more science discovers to explain things religions have to apologise for their stance, they try to play catch up. And to qoute Pussy Riot “Human rights is my religion.”

    • John Carter

      We have Penn and Teller plus Richard Dawkins for that.

      • That’s funny – for a minute I thought you said Richard Dawson.

    • Rothbardian

      Mythbusters weren’t allowed to continue their work on RFID chips way back when… you really think they’d touch The Bible?

    • proghead777

      Both of the Mythbusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, are fully on record as avowed atheists and I believe that they would be thrilled to debunk THOUSANDS of bible myths. Their benefactors on the other hand, namely the Discovery Channel, most certainly think differently. That’s the (American) entertainment industry for you.

      • Chris Dyer

        Well, I could see why they’d want to be a little silent on the issue… Maybe some of their viewers are Christians. Can’t go pissing off a large chunk of your demographics.

      • Håvar Eriksen

        First off, there is no point in trying to try to debunk biblical myths. These myths are often remembered because they defy the laws of physics, and to imply divine intervention. They would be left with just replicating the results, and that’s not good science or entertainment. Secondly, being atheist still doesn’t mean one doesn’t respect other peoples beliefs.

    • Gendo

      hmm…will be hard to get a “brand new jesus in facory conditon” for testing the water-walking part, but the “nailed to a cross” section for standing up against the religious mainstream sounds easy… 😀

    • Ben Johnson

      They’d never do it Mythbusters only takes on challenging things.

      • GBalsa

        Loved this comment

    • LanceJZ

      That would be pointless, it has already been all and completely debunked.

    • Xtalline

      Nonsense; science and religion are completely different, but that doesn’t mean they’re at odds. “The Bible teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go.” — Galileo

    • DownstairsB

      Not as easy as you’d think. The genius part of the Bible is that it says anything that implies the bible is false, is a trick by Satan to deceive you into the not believing in the Bible. There is just no rational way to get through that. People who subscribe to that mindset are essentially lost to the world as useful human beings.

    • Leanne Martin

      Isn’t the bible self-debunking?

    • Melanie McDonald
    • Win Worrall

      Warning: Dont feed the atheist trolls.

    • Win Worrall

      Warning: Dont feed the atheist trolls.

  • Lee Barbo

    I love the Myth Busters and I love Neil

  • Eddie

    always enjoy watching the mythbusters shows,again and then again,the reruns get old if you know
    what is ment.

  • phillipkslick

    Wow, Naked Lunch and Robocop, Jamie’s credits are much more impressive than Adams based on that alone.

  • glblank

    Not all B movie monsters were reptiles. Plan Nine from Outer Space most notably

  • Skip Fleming

    My “Take away” point was ,,the first person to fall into a Black Hole gets the Darwin Award,,Ya know I might actually think about that one

  • Ganton516

    The last mission was STS-135. I had the great fortune of being there and was viewing from the causeway. I experienced that very thing, no noise but you could see the pressure wave coming across the water and then it sounded like the earth was exploding. Third most amazing thing I have ever seen with the first two being the birth of my children.

  • Greener

    Why only audio? Would have been great to see these guys together.

    • startalkradio

      Greener, it would be great if we could shoot video of all of our episodes. When they’re recorded in studio, we are able to get some behind the scenes videos, and we’re trying to do more of that and put them on our YouTube channel. But we are, after all, first and foremost an audio (Podcast and Radio) show.

  • Gavin

    I really hope this ends up being more than just a 2 part interview. These guys are smart enough, conversational enough, and comedic enough that many episodes of StarTalk could be had with these guys as guests.

  • Steven Barall

    That thing about driving a car into a mountain was done originally by Buckaroo Bonzai in “The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension”.

    • msfrost

      That was driving a car, into the side of the mountain.

  • Nathalie

    No Neil! You are THE ONE and ONLY personal astrophysicist! There are NO others! 🙂

  • Nathalie

    No Neil! You are THE ONE and ONLY personal astrophysicist! There are NO others! 🙂

  • GP

    Not sure if they’ve used an anvil in their experiments? OF COURSE THEY HAVE

  • Jim

    Ahahaha…. Jamie “Hymen”. Dude, you gotta get your guests’ names right. Great interview though. Love these guys.

  • Jim

    Ahahaha…. Jamie “Hymen”. Dude, you gotta get your guests’ names right. Great interview though. Love these guys.

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  • Edward Meade

    I would remind you that “Hey ya’ll watch this” (in Norwegian) is how most of the events in the Winter Olympics got started. 😛

  • numerrita .

    I would like to see them prove the ancient aliens theory wrong.

    • msfrost

      You can’t prove something, doesn’t exist.

  • T2-4B

    I think the failure hate is actually worse in Germany, than in the US

  • Kunzite

    Do the jump cuts jump cuts used when Jamie talks bug anyone else? I understand that it was done to condense the show a bit, but my ears are screaming “Make it stop!”.

  • Maikel de Bakker

    Science is doing an experiment a thousand times. With already an outcome in your mind. But failing it in so many ways that as an conclusion you learn that the failure is the outcome. That is science!



    • mikeydz

      No he didn’t. He said our mammalian ancestors ran away and hid from dinos. And that trait is still buried deep in our DNA.

      • startalkradio

        Thanks for the assist, Mikeydz.

  • Jack

    Hey Neil, you asked if the Mythbusters they did an episode with anvils,

    The annual competition features a marquee event in which contestants fire a 100-pound anvil off another using one pound of gunpowder. In a second, super-modified event, teams use specially engineered anvils with two pounds of gunpowder to send anvils flying in excess of 500 feet in the air.

  • Stacaz

    I really miss the Mythbuster guys, not just because my kids are bored, but also me, I’ve got myths I think about but don’t have the guts or legal means to make it happen. They are very intelligent guys, with means and friends. I have many thoughts and dreams, too… Heehee..

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  • SDTJ

    For the first time ever… the 12 year old LISTENED to an entire podcast with me. Thank you. I think it is so important to connect kids to science through the fun methods that MythBusters use. You brought up many cogent points about Scientific Method, and the need to collect data from failures, as way of learning.

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