Extended Classic: Cosmic Queries – The Science of Love

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This episode is now extended with Neil, Chuck, and Natalia Reagan exploring the International Transgender Day of Visibility and answering fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on the spectrum of sexuality, gender-fluidity, and more!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day, StarTalk style? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-host Chuck Nice delve into the science of love, thanks to a little help from returning guest Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who is a Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction and the chief scientific advisor at Match.com. Together, the trio tackle your toughest questions about the biology and physiology of love, from whether human love is more than just a chemical interaction involving dopamine and oxytocin, to whether romantic love is more effective, evolutionarily speaking, than choosing a mate intellectually. You’ll learn whether animals can fall in love, and whether the love we feel for our pets or favorite car is related in any way to the love we feel for our soul-mate. Discover whether there are genes for promiscuity, and whether evolutionary forces favor polyamory or monogamy. Explore what love has in common physiologically with thirst, hunger, and addiction, and whether the opposite of love is hate or indifference. You’ll even find out why love hurts – and what you can do about it when it does.

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  • Nathan

    Find it very hard to understand what is even going on in this episode. Everyone is talking over each other. Don’t think the talker can say more than a sentence without being interrupted by a pun of some sort. Very bad episode of star talk.

    • Doesn’t matter who I am

      I thought the same! Although the topic was very interesting it would’ve been more enjoyable if they respect everyone’s time to speak and express a complete thought.

  • I’m fn matt damon

    When was this originally released? Last year or more? I’m loving the old classic throwbacks 🙂 …kinda like a refresher course – when listening to these podcasts I’m multitasking (driving/working out/housework/drifting to sleep etc) and some of the time I’ll need to concentrate a little on the other tasks so won’t always absorb 100% all the sweet sweet info. Especially if they’re a year or more old! Thx for the great work!

    • Originally released for Valentines Day 2016. Glad you’re liking our Extended Classics – many of our shows are “evergreen” and still relevant, and because our audience has grown so much over the years, there are many fans who never heard them.

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