Extended Classic: A Conversation with God

Image Credit: The Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo.

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Now extended with “God’s Favorites,” plus “How Tweet It Is” with Neil and Bill Nye.

This Sunday, Neil deGrasse Tyson has the most exclusive interview in the history of StarTalk Radio – a one-on-one conversation with… God. Yes, God. Neil takes full advantage of the opportunity, asking God about everything from evolution and the fossil record to the Big Bang and the possibility of alien life. The two discuss free will, creationism, relativity, quantum physics and string theory. But that’s not all. You’ll find out why God put so many stars in the sky, which extinct animals he misses the most, how many universes there are in the multiverse, and how he was able to stop the sun in the sky for Joshua outside the walls of Jericho. More surprisingly, you’ll find out what God thinks of people who kill in his name and how old the universe really is. For these and other divine revelations, this is one episode of StarTalk Radio you can’t afford to miss.

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  • God

    Thanks Neil, enjoyed the Interview!

  • Professor Riffs

    Sweet, an extended edition of the most boring episode to date!

    • ndnpro64

      By boring, do you mean the best?

      • Professor Riffs

        Nope, I definitely mean boring. I’m not religious in any way, but the humor was just lame.

        • Cedric

          Totally agree with you. Boring episode and the humor was so lame. I couldn’t even make it to the 10min mark with this one. Recently the episodes have been lackluster and sub-par.

          • Taxil Necrobane

            The more NDT and these shows slide into hot button issues and political elements, the less entertaining they seem to become. It’s a shame really, there has been a number of great things being found in the skies and we’re just not hearing about them.

    • David

      Agreed. I wish they’d do extended episodes or reaired classics of actually relevant science-related discussions. There is so much valuable insight into the nature of things to waste time on a comedy bit fit for the Howard Stern show.

    • xXDrNickXx

      Um, why is this boring I its all the answers to the universe and every thing. It profound and Neil is a genius. You should look in to a real religion http://www.venganza.org/

  • Funny, but strawman much?

    • ndnpro64

      what’s the strawman, exactly?

      • David

        If God were real, the person interviewed would be acting as a strawman. This would be like interviewing Will Ferrell as if he were George W. Bush.

  • James Toupin

    God is funny and, although I did not learn that much science this episode, I did get a lot of great laughs. Everyone should follow The Tweet of God!

  • Going Knightly

    Hilarious! 🙂

  • Kyli Rouge

    Well that was a wasted hour.

    • ndnpro64

      sure, for people who lack a sense of humor

      • Kyli Rouge

        It wasn’t even funny! The most it got from me was a snicker or two. Writing program code is more entertaining to me.

  • mohid

    god is primitive .and fake’s .made by the image of primitive men mostly shaperd’s to gain some power for their interest .still been used until this contemporary day’s .can not feed a starving childreing’s in Africa or stop a war .god is died .but some still gain’s more power’s

    • Taxil Necrobane

      Please stop blaming god for what humanity does to it self. Africans are starving now because they them selves caused it. With their up swelling of tribal and ethnic warfare, their farms are ruined and the farmers are either killed, driven off, or turned to violence. Africa can and has fed itself before and can do so again.

      Humans start the wars and then you think he will stop it for us? We’ve been flipping him off and telling him we don’t need him and when s–t happens because we mess up and inflict injury to our selves, we say that God should have stop it or what not. Why should he? We’re a bunch of ungrateful jerks as a whole who get in way over our heads and don’t know what’s really going on. We won’t stop to think things though over our actions. God gave us free will. Free will means we can make choices. Choices comes with consistences of them. Too often we have been avoiding them or shifting the blame off of us like a spoiled brat.

      God isn’t dead, he’s just waiting us out as we throw a temper tantrum.

      • ndnpro64

        So do cancer babies have free will also?

        • Taxil Necrobane

          Yes babies do get free will, provided they don’t get aborted and their parts get sold off by planned parenthood.

          I don’t know what this ‘cancer babies’ mean unless your grammar got messed up by your Ipad/Iphone.

          • ndnpro64

            I’m obviously referring to babies that get diagnosed with cancer (or any other disability) and die within a few years.

            I see now you’ve made it clear women don’t deserve free will with your idiotic PP comment. Yep, another religious nut job.

          • Taxil Necrobane

            The babies born with illnesses is also humanity’s fault. We dump poisons, toxins, and radio active elements all over our environment carelessly and you think there won’t be any reactions from that? Our medical technological (and other types as well) level could have been hundreds of more years increased if humans didn’t burn and destroy the great library of Alexander, The House of Wisdom, and all the other great collections of books, records, and centers of education over the years. All done by human’s hands, not God’s. Those children could have been saved but not due to humanity’s actions.

            I see now you’ve made it clear women must be abused and human babies should be chopped up and sold by the soulless ghouls in PP with your ignorant defense of those bloody clinics. Yep, another person who has a block of ice for a heart. For the longest time I couldn’t care less what happened over there in those abortion clinics, then I watched those videos that came out and I nearly threw up from being sickened by what I saw. This isn’t about religion, it’s about basic human morals.

          • ndnpro64

            Do some basic research on PP and what they provide for women. Then consider that THIS is what you want shut down. Also, said basic research will lead you to learning that these videos have been significantly edited to promote outrage.

          • Taxil Necrobane

            Oh I did that research way ahead of you. PP is full throttle an abortion mill. They don’t even perform mammograms due to the fact they don’t own any machines to do so. They outsource all of those procedures to other medical groups. So why are the tax payers shelling out so much money for things they don’t really do? The rooms they perform the abortions are commonly filthy to the point many woman get infections from those places. I watched the whole footage and they fully admitted they sell and have sold baby parts which is illegal under federal law. I guess you don’t care if they are criminals either.

            Oh yes, if you bother to dig into history a bit, the founder of PP was until the day she died an open and fragrant racist who wanted to cull out the black people and other ‘undesirable’ people from the population. It seems that PP have been following that vile dream quite well.

      • WizardPlayMC

        God isn’t dead. He was never real/alive in the first place. Simply an entity and concept created by human beings to simplify life, death and the human condition since science did not exist.
        Human life is a paradox. We exist because we do.
        Some people turn to ‘ancient scriptures’ and fantasy fables, others turn to the universe for answers. I for one turn to the universe!

  • Jimmie Johnson

    Has Startalk and Neil ran out of legitimate content? The purpose of this podcast was to belittle 2.1 billion people. I expected more from Startalk.

  • lssplack

    Hmm, Gawd sounds an awful lot like Neil. They never cut each other off while conversing and Neil never responds with laughter or any other emotion to HIS replies… My hypothesis… NDT is Gawd!

  • Auburn Medium

    Love God’s voice! Ha ha ha!

  • Paul S

    This was a particularly funny episode. I enjoyed it; thank you, Neil and STR staff!

  • Martin Hauhnar

    God sounds like Donald Trump. xD

  • Ina

    Episode was funny at times but this.should be a ten minute comic relief at best. To be honest 1 hour was too long of a period for not learning anything. But sexiness of Neils voice got me trough it

  • Rafael Bernal

    Well Neil, humor is apparently not the same for everyone. I felt I was laughing all the way to Hell! It’s one of your funniest programs ever!

    • ndnpro64

      Of course, it will be a lot funnier if you’re not a God believer, as it was for me.

    • ndnpro64

      Of course, it will be a lot funnier if you’re not a God believer, as it was for me.

  • Am I the only one that detects how much God sounds like Donald Trump?

  • LOlz

    I found it hilarious!

  • Superdudex6

    Is God, Christopher Hitchens?!

    • No. He is the person who tweets at @TheTweetOfGod.

      • Superdudex6

        Haha I mean he kind of sounds like him. Love it!

        • Mark Ulrick

          He sounds EXACTLY like the actor who does the brilliant batman and X-men spoofs on Youtube: Pete Holmes :D.

          Look up anything from his ‘Ex-Men’ series, this startalk is like listening to professor X rip the mickey out of God ^_^

  • TorTeja

    HILARIOUS!!!!!!! This made my day.

  • Pastor Jeff

    I am a Christian and a believer in a creator God, but honestly, this episode was too crass to even be offensive or taken seriously. Unfortunately, it also is causing me to take STR and NDT less seriously as well.

    I believe in an ancient and billions of years old expanding universe that “was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” (Hebrews 11:3) And I am frustrated at the refusal of many fellow believers to look at the universe God made through the objectivity of the scientific method. If God really made it, then there shouldn’t be any fear of looking intently into it and trying to understand it.

    I also have a good sense of humor and can easily laugh at myself and the things we Christians often do, say and believe… but this just wasn’t funny. Had my fellow believers lampooned science, or any scientist, in a similar way it would be equally pathetic.

    Is this what science is becoming?

    • Mark Ulrick

      No, you just need to hold on to your sense of humour slightly tighter as you go. This was funny if you’re of the right taste.

    • xXDrNickXx

      How about you look in to a real religion http://www.venganza.org/ Its never hurt any oe and we have a beer volcano and a stripper factory in our heaven

  • Comedy genius

  • Holy hell this was hellariousness!

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