Exciting Times for Science

The Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill, or COLBERT, will be installed on the International Space Station.

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Brilliant scientific discoveries and cutting edge technology have transformed our world, yet many people are turned off by science. Where has the excitement for science gone, and how can we get it back? Stephen Colbert developed an interest in science at a young age, and now he shares that fascination by inviting scientists to appear on his show The Colbert Report.

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  • Ian Newell

    I desperately hope the old episodes go back online.

    Thank you, Neil, for making nights of walking the dog and listening to startalk a daily ritual.

    • Jeff

      They’re inching their way out of “the vault” slowly, Ian. Soon… very soon.

  • William

    Not soon enough… please release this episode!

  • Gerry

    Still ‘vaulted’? Nooooooooooooo……………

  • Mike

    Can you provide an upper and lower bounds on your definition of “very soon”?

    • Jeff

      I could, Mike, but the margin of error would be so large as to render it useless anyway.

  • Brandon Lambert

    As a father of a young daughter, I would love to hear a discussion on ways to get kids excited and involved in science. It would be great to hear about how society impacts young girls views on science, i.e. many girls think its more important to look pretty then to be smart. I’m really trying to get my daughter interested in science and looking at the world through the questionable observations that science entails. ALSO, LOL, THERE ISN’T A LINK TO DOWNLOAD THIS PODCAST. 🙁 Thanks for the podcast, I love them!

    • Jeff

      Hi Brandon: we couldn’t agree with you more about getting kids involved in science. We recently did a listener survey that addressed gender perceptions of our show, and many of the comments centered upon society’s failure to encourage interest among girls. You might want to check out the comments to the post as well as on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/StarTalkRadio/posts/551730471508293, where things got even more lively. As for this episode, it is still “in the vault” for refitting. At some point in the future, we will let everyone know when the season one shows are available again.

  • AG

    A 2$ pay wall?

    I really do like this podcast, and am willing to donate, but it has just gotten exponentially more annoying to listen to.

    Maybe if we could buy the entire season 1 with one purchase? Or maybe if the paywall just got rid of ads?

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