Decoding Science and Politics with Bill Clinton

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Neil Tyson decodes science and politics with former President Bill Clinton, during whose term as “scientist in chief” we unraveled the human genome, repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, and increased funding for the NSF, DOE, and NIH. You’ll hear why the Human Genome Project was easier to fund than the Superconducting Super Collider – and why the Higgs boson was discovered at CERN instead of in the US. Neil and President Clinton discuss physics, artificial intelligence, Einstein’s brain, and using a chunk of moon rock to settle disputes between fractious politicians. In studio, Neil is joined by Chuck Nice and futurist Juan Enriquez, who stresses the importance of science literacy and wonders how we manage to make science boring to students. Prof. Richard A. Muller, reformed climate change denier and author of Physics for Future Presidents, calls in to explain why some politicians have trouble with science, and Bill Nye explains “why leaders who advance science in America, advance America.”

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  • M. Pat Wright

    The HST was not launched during Bill Clinton’s administration as listed above. It was launched(after great delay) on April 24, 1990; almost 3 years before President Clinton’s inauguration.

  • Carol R

    M. Pat Wright, I do believe they are discussing the HST servicing mission. “First Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission” in1993 it saved the telescope and probably saved NASA. .

  • Stuart Taylor

    At 5:15 of this Clinton mentions about the twin towers coming down, and the Pentagon being bombed. If I’m not mistaken the official story is that an areoplane flew into the Pentagon, not bombed….. either he knows something or doesn’t buy the official story.

    • Atrazel


    • scott miller

      A fully fueled airliner can be construed as a bomb. Since it is.

    • Michael Oxenrider

      I know right? Is he just babbling or is he accidentally revealing something?

    • Claire Haag

      He was referring back to when the Bush/Gore debates happened no one was asking the what if questions: “What are you going to do when the twin towers come down, the Pentagon is bombed?”

    • Taxil Necrobane

      The only real cover up is the connections between the terrorist who flew the planes, Saudi royal family and politicians on both both parties.

  • Catherine

    The two most sexiest men on the planet! I like big brains, and I cannot lie…

    • Rohith

      for a moment I didn’t notice the e in sexiest and thought “what???” 😛

    • Missthalie

      I know right? If I’d have been in Monica’s shoes… ooooh 😛

  • James Jackson

    Why did Tyson waste his time with this guy? He went from Snowden to Clinton – two opposite people. One gave his life away to reveal the truth to America while the other one gave his life away to be a puppet to the corporations.

    • GWhiz

      I think you answered your own question.

  • Chris Corr

    Bill looks so thin these days. I hope he’s not ill.

  • Missthalie

    Aging I guess.

  • bob

    Clinton said the Pentagon was Bombed. Nice slip up. Freedom of Information act. Lets see the Pentagon videos. The most highly guarded place on earth has worse surveillance than 7-11 cornerstore. See weird

    • Boy Elvis

      So where do you shop for your tinfoil hats?

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