Cosmic Queries: Spacetime

Credit: NASA-JPL-CalTech

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Fasten your interstellar seatbelt and flip your brain into overdrive. Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Godfrey are here to answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on the fabric of spacetime. Explore the edge of the known universe and whether there might be more unknown universe waiting beyond the horizon. You’ll learn about the fascinating theory describing our universe as a 3-D holographic projection of another higher-dimensioned reality. You’ll hear why dark matter could be “gravitational bleeding” from another dimension and how it’s possible that the study of dark matter and dark energy will unlock the secrets to traveling backwards in time. Investigate the connections between dark matter, Newtonian physics, and Occam’s razor. Neil also explains why the curvature of space is hard for us to see given that we are embedded in space itself. Find out about the Fermi paradox and the idea that extraterrestrial life might have already visited Earth and deemed life unintelligent. Discover more about Sir Isaac Newton: the problems Neil would ask him to solve today, how he invented calculus on a dare, and why Godfrey thinks he might be annoying to talk to in the modern era. All this, plus, a fan asks Neil, “How many physicists does it take to change a light bulb?” and his response is something you will not want to miss.

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  • Chase Crum

    I don’t know one other person on this planet that listens to podcasts ….not one…. but I don’t miss this one. #NDT is the best! It’s nice to have a platform where I can listen to something that actually interests me, discussed in an entertaining way.

  • Ryan Huang

    -_- so… just going to ignore the entire “Chinese” segment…

    • MusicFiend

      Man up a little – For real

    • cremonster

      C’mon dude he’s a comedian, stop taking things so seriously

      • Ryan Huang

        There’s no need to mock accents or other languages, especially given the subject of the podcast.

        • Aaron

          Don’t be a pussy.

      • Saloncolorist

        Amen to that.

    • Jeremy

      Godfrey needs to learn English better, before he starts making fun of other languages.

  • Leo

    Your reeeallly boring accent jokes really ruin your show, every time.

  • Nick

    I’m not french but I got so tired of mocking french people. It stopped being funny long time ago. You’re not better than the people who mock you because they don’t understand anything you are saying. I got it, you don’t understand french people and french culture. Get over it.

    As for the show IMHO Godfrey is a little over the top. I think he had more fun than I and he also had more giggling bursts than physics facts. Good for him bad for content. Just saying.

  • johnny

    why are you all so upset they find comedy in your culture/language? Is it offensive? Did it hurt your feelings? Go to your “safe space” zone, don’t ruin the fun people have while learning.

    • Saloncolorist

      What a sad little world this world would be without comedy.

  • Andrés Thomas Conteris

    Fantastic show… the whole thing! Learning cosmic truths with a bit of laughter makes this planet a much funner and wiser planet!

  • Jeremy

    Godfrey was really annoying. Ruined the show, in my opinion. Chuck and Eugene play around in a way that the show still progresses, but Godfrey derailed the show too many times to draw out bits that were not even remotely funny. He is just not a good fit for this show.

  • Juan

    The part when deGrasse talks about english jibberish reminds me A LOT to what I feel when I see Greek people talking on TV, me being Spanish. Is uncanny and kinda frustrating even, because they look very similar to spanish people, and the tone is just about the same, so is like “I feel like I should understand this…but I don’s understand a single word”.
    Sometimes I have thought if people with aphasia feel something similar in a daily basis.

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