Cosmic Queries: Mysterious Cosmology, with Sean Carroll

Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation map. Credit: WMAP Science Team, NASA.

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It’s time to explore the fascinating, mind-bending mysterious corners of the universe. Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice welcome theoretical physicist Sean Carroll to answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries about some of your favorite cosmological mysteries. Explore the “Tired light” hypothesis, the Doppler effect, and how we measure light from distant galaxies. You’ll learn about the cosmological multiverse and the evidence we would need to prove its existence, which includes the “collision of universes.” You’ll also learn about the quantum multiverse, the Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, the “superposition” of an electron, and quantum entanglement. Sean explains the energy differences between gravitational waves and electromagnetism and which one would make a better power source. Discover more about the maximum energy of a particle, the definition of temperature, and black holes. Lastly, per request, Neil and Sean break down String theory in a language that Chuck can understand. All that, plus, our Lightning Round brings questions on dark matter, general relativity and the fabric of spacetime, and much more!

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  • Mozart Carvalho

    Great episode. By the way, Sean’s voice sounds a little bit like Stephen Hawkin eletronic voice.

  • Matt

    Just want to say I thought Sean was a fantastic guest and held his own against our beloved Neil. Please have him back again!

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