Cosmic Queries: Holiday Edition

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Get into the spirit (or should we say science?) of the season when Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer fan questions about the holidays and winter. Is it true that no two snowflakes are alike? Why is it cold during the winter? Could Santa be exploiting the multiverse to hide his workshop and deliver his toys on Christmas Eve? Could Santa’s sleigh travel at the speed of light? Neil and Chuck discuss the importance of ritual in people’s lives when Neil answers the question, “Should parents let their children believe in Santa?” and Neil shares what he told his daughter about the Tooth Fairy and Santa. As an extra present for our fans, you’ll get to hear Neil’s recommendations for what to do in NYC during the holidays and his favorite holiday drinks, including how he makes his own homemade eggnog.

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  • Bernice

    Depending on the volume of questions that get asked, this one might not get answered. Unfortunately this question has nothing to do with the topic of discussion, but being a fan of NDT, would he ever do Dancing With The Stars?

    • Tilted

      Exactly my point, Jeff, he didn’t give the cause. He described the effect – but the person who asked the question wanted to know why…

      Neil’s explanation was decidedly lacking. He didn’t mention axial tilt, nor did he mention how the tilt coupled with Earth’s revolution about the Sun causes sunlight to become more or less direct for the Northern and Southern hemispheres, alternately.

  • Tracie Wilke

    Hey Dr. Tyson….

    Wishing you & your family a sparklingly joyful holiday season.

    With love,
    Joe & Tracie Wilke

  • Eugene

    Chuck Nice is a great co-host,please keep him.

  • James

    Happy Holidays =]

  • Drew Mcdowell

    Great as always, I really do love the Cosmic Queries sections.

  • Tilted

    Why talk about seasonal temperature differences at all without mentioning Earth’s axial tilt of roughly 23 degrees? Seriously, Neil, please don’t disappoint me like this in the future.

    • Jeff

      Tilted, Neil never mentioned axial tilt by name, but he did describe its effects (the sun drops lower on the horizon) as the cause of the temperature change.

  • michael
  • Galen

    I know this is late coming, but January 1st does have religious relevance. It marks the eighth day after Jesus’s “birth” on the 25th (which the Church admits is most likely not Jesus’s actual birthday). In Jewish society, both then and now, the eighth day is when the male child is circumcised and entered into the Covenant of Israel.

  • Amber Thompson

    “Santa Baby (Official Video) – Kylie Minogue” I prefer the Original, by Eartha Kitt.

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  • Code912

    Which podcast did you listen to? Or not listen very closely too LOL

  • Code912

    Which podcast did you listen to? Or not listen very closely too LOL

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