Quasar Drenched in Water Vapor. Image credit: NASA/ESA
Quasar Drenched in Water Vapor. Image credit: NASA/ESA

Cosmic Queries: Grab Bag

Quasar Drenched in Water Vapor. Image credit: NASA/ESA
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Join us for a unique Cosmic Queries ‘Grab Bag” where astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer your questions that didn’t make it into other episodes. Questions like, “If an astronaut dies in space, what do the other astronauts do with the body?” “What is spring like on Jupiter and Mars?” “What exactly is a Quasar?” “Why do planets revolve around the Sun in the same plane?” “Why do neutron stars have magnetic fields?” “How fast would you have to throw a baseball on the Moon to have it orbit back to yourself?” “Would gravity exist if mass wasn’t in motion?” “Is it a good idea for NASA to plan a manned mission to Mars?” “Can you hear yourself scream in space?” “How can we see light that was created 13 billion years ago after the Big Bang?” Throw in a couple of Doctor Who questions and it’s an eclectic assortment guaranteed to get your brain buzzing.

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