Cosmic Queries – Climate Change

A view of the massive rift in the Antarctic Peninsula's Larsen C ice shelf, photographed on Nov. 10, 2016. Image Credit: NASA/John Sonntag

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Bill Nye the Science Guy is back to help lead the fight against climate change and discuss the future of climate science. Joined by Dr. Radley Horton, a climate scientist at Columbia University, and comic co-host Chuck Nice, Bill and company are ready to answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on climate change. You’ll discover how computer models can now connect extreme weather events to human-caused climate change, but Radley also raises important points about the reliability of computer modeling. Chuck ponders if climate deniers are using the same disinformation tactics used by big tobacco companies to combat ‘smoking causes cancer’ research. Find out about “abrupt” climate change, the possibilities of the northern hemisphere freezing over, and the influence Greenland’s ice sheet has on the world climate. You’ll also hear why every country will be impacted by climate change. Learn how Radley became a climate scientist and whether Bill would consider running for President. Pick up a few different ways to handle anti-intellectual arguments. Explore “eco-fashion”: clothes made from sustainable crops, “3D weaving”, solar nanoparticles embedded in clothing, and additive manufacturing processes. Plus, Bill shares his ideas on how you can live greener with examples from his own life, and don’t miss a prediction on what the world will look like in 2030.

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    Bill Nye for 2020

    you can do it. if Trump can do it you can do it a lot better
    [in fact, even a cat can do a better job than Trump].

  • Randy

    For as much as they talk about climate change on this podcast I’m surprised they
    didn’t give a better answer to Liveandletlive2010’s question @32:00 regarding who believes what and how the numbers are generated, so I’ve taken the liberty of gathering some information for you.

    According to a recent NASA document, 97% of all actively publishing climate scientists agree that the climate is both warming and that it’s extremely likely to be due to human activities. Data collection for primary studies is done by conducting polls at science gatherings, sending out questionnaires, or inferring based on the wording used in published papers. There’s another kind of study called a meta study whereby researchers look at all the other studies as well as other meta studies and attempt to understand the discrepancies between studies and arrive at a more accurate number. NASA’s position is based on one such global meta study.

    Additionally, multiple polls have shown that having a degree in any scientific field makes you marginally more likely to accept the findings of climate science but it also has the effect of further polarizing you. In other words, Democrats with science degrees are more likely to believe that global warming is a very real and very important global concern, while Republicans are more likely to dispute it’s occurrence, severity and causes. It seems that political affiliation takes primacy over evidence when it comes to most peoples beliefs about climate change.




    • Thank you for posting this comment, Randy, and for the data-rich studies cited in your links. I encourage everyone to click on the links and read the studies.

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