Montage of press coverage of World Cup Cheating Scandal, courtesy of WorldCupNews-Info.
Montage of press coverage of World Cup Cheating Scandal, courtesy of WorldCupNews-Info.

Breaking the Rules – The Physics & Psychology of Cheating

Image courtesy of World Cup News(dot)info.
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About This Episode

You can break the rules of the game but you can’t break the rules of physics. On this episode of Playing with Science, hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly, joined by sport physicist John Eric Goff and sport psychologist Dr. Leah Lagos, investigate the physics and psychology of cheating. First up: the recent ball-tampering scandal that rocked the Australian National Cricket team. You’ll hear how small changes to a cricket ball, football, and baseball can impact performance, creating a fertile ground for accusations, real or imagined. Discover more about some famous incidents of cheating, or alleged cheating, from history: the Tour de France, Barry Bonds, and Deflategate. We also re-visit Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” incident in the 1986 World Cup quarter final – Gary can’t help but let his true Englishman out. You’ll hear how team/country culture can shape individual identity and behavior. Learn about the early signs of cheating we see in children and how individuals can normalize cheating in their minds. All that, plus, we ask an important question – is cheating just part of being human?   

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In This Episode

  • Host

    Chuck Nice

    Chuck Nice
  • Host

    Gary O'Reilly

    Gary O'Reilly
    Sports Analyst, Broadcaster, Professional Soccer Player
  • Guest

    John Eric Goff

    John Eric Goff
    Physicist, Martial Artist & Author of “Gold Medal Physics: The Science of Sports”, forthcoming book: "The Science Behind Krav Maga
  • Guest

    Leah Lagos

    Dr. Leah Lagos
    Clinical & Sport Psychologist

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