Appetite for Destruction

Skull with a Burning Cigarette by Vincent van Gogh.

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Out of all the planets in our solar system, only Earth has life as we know it. In fact, life has been on Earth for billions of years, and it permeates every nook and cranny of our planet. Some even think Earth regulates itself to make the environment more hospitable for life. This theory, called the Gaia Hypothesis by the biologist James Lovelock, is not supported by history, says the paleontologist Peter Ward. Instead, the fossil record shows that time and time again, life has suffered major population crashes and extinctions, often due to conditions caused by life at the time. Now human beings are poised to repeat the process. By pumping so much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we are changing the climate and starting a cascade of effects that could lead to our own extinction. Will our self-destructive behavior eventually bring us to our knees?

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  • Helen

    I love you!!!!!

  • Ken

    I wish you would work on the audio on some of these. The chick that keeps talking loud is really annoying.

    • Jeff

      I’ll pass your comment on, Ken. Thanks.

      • Chris

        I enjoyed Lynne’s presence on the show, I think it was the microphone too close to her mouth or something like that, causing distortion.

  • Al

    Agree with Ken, Lynne Koplitz is pretty dreadful on the ears. Neil is the man.

    • Colbey Cheese

      What’s up with all the Beck music?!? Did not enjoy Lynne, sadly, but she wasn’t so bad as these others are saying.

  • andy

    Why not just have the full clip of Neil talking to an interesting guest instead of some lame sidekick to try and make things light hearted.

    You should take a page out of Marc Marons book, he sits there and has a nice chat to people for and hour or two and the result is engaging and interesting.

    • Stacie

      This comedian chick totally killed this for me. She’s pretty horrible.

  • Joe Buck

    Yeah-hi. Joe here, from The Ron & Joe Show. So, what we potentially have here is a largely intellectual/interesting topic of discussion IMMEDIATELY ruined by a screeching, obnoxious beast of a fembot. Not trying to be rude here, lady, but by the gods…

    Again-LOVE the idea of this show! But please, for all that is unholy, do not placate to the “lesser”. The type of people interested in these types of topics usually aren’t looking for callow humor.

    I simply cannot listen to another podcast for fear of literally killing myself…LITERALLY.
    I’m taling literally here, folks.


    • I think Koplitz is great. Ha ha! I love it. Everyone hates Lynne, I think she’s the best! Oh the online anger how it simmers!

  • John

    This was difficult to listen to. No offence, but Lynne is not funny and just plain annoying.

  • comlink

    Yeah. Lynne Koplitz is annoying.
    But yeah, “beast of a fembot” is f*cking rude, and you sure sound like you *are* trying.
    Or were. Yeah, it’s an old comment, but ffs.

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