January 30, 2016 12:52 pm

Please Vote for Your Season 6 Fan Favorites

Photo of a vote key on your computer, asking you to vote for your favorite StarTalk Radio Season 5 episodes, guests, co-hosts and guest hosts.

It’s the time of year when we turn to you, our audience, to tell us what you liked most this season. Not only do we use your choices to help us decide what goes into our two Season 6 Time Capsule episodes, but also knowing which shows, guests, and co-hosts you like most helps us continue in our efforts to make StarTalk Radio the kind of show you want it to be. (And even to develop some surprises for you that we’re just itching to tell you, but can’t. At least, not just yet!)

We’re all pretty excited to see what you think. Will Eugene Mirman be your favorite co-host for the fourth year in a row? This is the fourth year of the poll, so he’s undefeated so far! Only you can decide if this is the year that our perennial second place co-host Chuck Nice dethrones the king, or maybe Leighann Lord or Maeve Higgins steal the crown!

Speaking of second place, Mike Massimino has been your second favorite guest every year too! Will he take the top spot this year, or will he lose out to two former presidents, a billionaire industrialist changing the world, the most infamous whistleblower in US history, the head of NASA, legendary singers and songwriters, superstar actors, producers, and directors, master illusionists, celebrities, or any one from a group of science guests with more combined degrees than a typical university?

By the way, if you’re keeping track, Season 6 had more episodes than any previous season we’ve run: 57, to be exact. Sure, that includes a few extended classics, but each of those extended classics has over 10 minutes of new content that more than earn them their place in this list.

It also includes two episodes that won’t have aired as podcasts by the time this poll closes: Protecting Our Environment, with Gina McCarthy, the head of the EPA; and Cosmic Queries: The Science of Love, with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Dr. Helen Fisher tackling your questions for Valentines Day. While you may have seen the first episode when it aired on The National Geographic Channels, you’ll have to vote for the second episode site unseen. (Based on the response in the control room while we were recording it, Dr. Fisher was a blast and it’s one of the best Cosmic Queries of the season, but that doesn’t do you any good in terms of voting.)

The poll is open right now, and it closes at 11:59 PM ET, Friday, February 5th. You can vote here.

We’ll post the results here on the blog in two weeks, and we’ll also send you a link to the results in the newsletter if you’re a subscriber. And in case you’re wondering, Season 7 will begin on March 4th.

That’s it for now. Keep Looking Up!
–Jeffrey Simons

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