January 8, 2013 9:06 pm

Our Fans Have Spoken: Results of the Season 3 StarTalk Radio Fan Favorite Poll

Neil deGrasse Tyson leaning on Bill Nye the Science Guy, Photo Credit: © Elliot Severn, All rights reserved

No surprise here: StarTalk Live: The Particle Party is the fan favorite! Shown here: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, CEO of the Planetary Society. Photo Credit: © Elliot Severn. All rights reserved

Thank you for all of your responses to our Season 3 StarTalk Radio Fan Favorite Poll. They were quite interesting, and in a few cases, surprising. (Well, I was surprised, anyway. My favorite episode barely made the Top 20. Goes to show what I know.)

We’ll be using your feedback to create our Season 3 Time Capsule episode.

And now, without further ado, your top five favorite episodes, guests and co-hosts.

Favorite StarTalk Radio Episodes

  1. StarTalk Live: The Particle Party
  2. A Conversation with Morgan Freeman
  3. StarTalk Live: The Astronaut Session
  4. Real Science with Bill Maher
  5. StarTalk Live! A Night at Neptune

Favorite StarTalk Radio Guests

  1. Bill Nye The Science Guy
  2. Mike Massimino
  3. Wil Wheaton
  4. Morgan Freeman
  5. Cara Santa Maria

Favorite Co-Hosts

  1. Eugene Mirman
  2. Chuck Nice
  3. Leighann Lord
  4. Colin Jost

We’ll let you know when the Season 3 Time Capsule is ready.

That’s it for now. Keep Looking Up!

–Jeffrey Simons

  • Is it possible that we were created by extraterrestrial life that most people call God ?

  • MusIsWorld

    I do not know how eugene is above chuck but I still hope
    That chuck will be on more episodes than eugene.
    The other two shouldn’t be on the list to begin with.

    Anyhow hope more awesome episodes are on the way
    And I also hope you wouldn’t shy from the usual nerdy
    And geeky topics so you can attract female audience.
    I don’t why I have a bad feeling that you guys might
    Do that :).

  • Carrie

    Eugene is the best! Good to see him at the top where he belongs.

  • Jay


    Jeff now i have to know what your top episode was?

    • Jeff

      Jay, it was “Best of Both Worlds.” I am such a geek… (Not quite a Trekkie, or a Trekker, but definitely a geek!)

  • @MusIsWorld I do not think the show would be the same without Eugene Mirman, I agree with Carrie. People come to hear NDGT, but Eugene is the one that makes this show different from everything else and that is precisely what they were trying to do with Startalk; achievement unlocked! As Wil Wheaton said on the show haha.

    Also since there have been so many Tng guest stars, loved them all! It would be nice to finish it off with Patrick Stewart, he is another great person that I always love to hear from.

    • Jeff

      Nathan, glad you appreciate what we’re trying to do here. As for Patrick Stewart, if only…