October 19, 2017 8:24 pm

Friday, Bill Nye, Chuck Nice, and Climate Scientist Radley Horton Talk Climate Change

The fight against climate change never stops. This week on StarTalk Radio join Bill Nye the Science Guy as he leads the charge with comic co-host Chuck Nice and climate scientist Radley Horton as they answer fan-submitted Cosmic Queries about climate change.

Photo of Bill Nye, Chuck Nice and Radley Horton in the StarTalk All-Stars Studio, by Ben Ratner.

Bill Nye, Chuck Nice and Radley Horton. Credit: Ben Ratner.

To start, our crew discusses how computer modeling allows us to connect extreme weather events to human-caused climate change. However, Radley reminds us not to get too comfortable with our reliance on those models.

Chuck made a connection in this episode that put things into perspective for me as to why people still deny climate change. His idea was that climate deniers might be using the same misinformation tactics that big tobacco used to shelter the public from “smoking causes cancer” research. Maybe this last push of climate denial is the final peak before everyone is on board with climate change.

However, on a recent vacation abroad, I was happy to see that the hotel I was staying at had numerous signs and literature on the property and in the individual rooms about being climate conscious to the environment around you – small things like that can add up in big ways.

Along with computer modeling and misinformation tactics, you’ll also hear about “abrupt” climate change, the impact Greenland’s ice sheet has on the rest of the world, climate-conscious fashion, and much, much more.

Get into it, and don’t be afraid to go green!

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That’s it for now. Keep Looking Up!
–Ian Mullen


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