June 11, 2014 7:00 pm

Astronaut Central: Space Stories at The Explorers Club Oct. 25th

Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke exploring Plum Crater on the Moon

Astronaut Charlie Duke exploring Plum Crater during the Apollo 16 mission, Credit: Apollo 16 Commander John W. Young, NASA

Today’s guest post is written by StarTalk Radio’s Social Media Coordinator, Stacey Severn, who is also an advisor to The Explorers Club’s Space Advisory Committee and one of the organizers of the upcoming “Space Stories” event.

Mark Oct. 25, 2014 on your calendars for a special all-day event focusing on the history of human spaceflight at Explorers Club headquarters in New York.

This year’s venue will feature astronauts and space-flight participants from several missions using the Cold War as a backdrop – Apollo, Soyuz, Space Shuttle and SpaceShipOne. The day will include a mix of straight-up talks, “Exploring Legends” interviews by Jim Clash, and panel discussions.

Photo of Explorers Club Space Advisory Committee Co-Chairs Jim Clash and Leroy Chiao.

Explorers Club Space Advisory Committee Co-Chairs Jim Clash and Leroy Chiao. Credit: Stacey Severn

Among confirmed story-tellers so far are Gen. Charles Duke, Apollo 16 moonwalker (and CapCom for the Apollo 11 lunar landing); Richard Garriott and Greg Olsen, both of whom flew aboard Soyuz to ISS; four-time Shuttle/Soyuz veteran Leroy Chiao; Walter Cunningham, Apollo 7 Lunar Module pilot; Catherine “Cady” Coleman, who performed a live flute duet with Ian Anderson aboard ISS (and who will play at the Club’s event); and Brian Binnie, who piloted SpaceShipOne to win the Ansari X Prize in 2004.

Photo of Stacey Severn and Charlie Duke at The Explorers Club, taken by Elliot Severn

StarTalk Social Media Coordinator Stacey Severn, advisor to The Explorers Club Space Advisory Committee with Apollo 16 moonwalker Charles Duke, one of the headliners at The Explorers Club’s Space Stories event on Oct. 25. Credit: Elliot Severn.

Another possibility being investigated: On Oct. 25, ISS is expected to fly within proximity of Manhattan several times – close enough where a live chat with astronauts aboard ISS may be possible using the Club’s ham radio station (K2XP). The option is being vetted with NASA.

More information will be forthcoming at www.explorers.org, but “the day promises to be one for the ages,” say the Club’s Space Advisory Committee co-chairs Leroy Chiao and Jim Clash.

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