Ben Ratner’s photo of Bill Nye and Chuck Nice at SiriusXM studios
Ben Ratner’s photo of Bill Nye and Chuck Nice at SiriusXM studios

StarTalk All-Stars: Bill Nye Live

Bill Nye and Chuck Nice at SiriusXM studios. Photo Credit: Ben Ratner.
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Bill Nye and Chuck Nice are together again and this time they’re live from the Sirius XM studios to answer calls and field fan-submitted Cosmic Queries on a variety of subjects from GMOs to solar sails. To start, Bill and Chuck dive into Bill’s new documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy which charts Bill’s transition from iconic science educator to one of the leading advocates on climate change. You’ll hear from Bill himself on making that transition and about the making of the documentary, for which he had no creative control. After that, we dive right into the Cosmic Queries. You’ll learn how we measure greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by sampling ancient ice. Explore the promise of solar sails and the Planetary Society’s citizen science approach to making them a reality. You’ll also hear about the moon’s rotation, volcanism, and how GMOs are embraced by most farmers even though they don’t solve every problem. Lastly, Bill gives advice on what everyday people can do to stop climate change, how to raise climate change awareness, and much more.

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