Season 1 & 2 Time Capsule

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It’s time to put the first two seasons of Playing with Science into our Time Capsule! Once again, our producers have looked at your votes for your favorite episodes, and Chuck Nice starts the ball rolling with the top vote-getter – Martial Arts: Fight Like a Physicist. Physics professor John Eric Goff breaks down the science behind Krav Maga, and teaches us how to use physics to throw a mean punch. Next, Neil deGrasse Tyson pops in to discuss his tweets about sports with hosts Chuck and Gary O’Reilly in an episode we called Out-of-this World Sports. You also voted for The Physics of the Tour de France, which featured Neil’s interview with the controversial cycling superstar Lance Armstrong. Next in the lineup, we catch a wave with NASA Oceanographer Bill Patzert to break down the science of big wave surfing. In Space Jam, Neil answers fan-submitted Cosmic Queries about basketball. Last, but not least, we take a look at Physics on Ice when physicist Alain Haché breaks down the science behind hockey’s signature move – the slap shot.

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