Geekin’ Out on Hip-Hop, with Logic

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Logic, from the episode.
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About This Episode

Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with rapper Logic to talk hip-hop, science and more, along with comic co-host Chuck Nice, and rapper/educator/DJ Steve Tyson, a.k.a. The Intellect. You’ll learn about Logic’s upbringing and how it helped him shape his career and use his platform to engage in discussions on social issues. Explore the legacy of violence and hip-hop, the unfortunate attachment of violence to the genre, and then listen to Steve break down where that unfair attachment comes from. You’ll hear about hip-hop culture: how rap fits into hip-hop, how it was born from a mixture of different racial backgrounds, and why “genuine” is a defining word in hip-hop. Neil and Logic also discuss Logic’s geek underbelly, and their shared interest in Rubik’s Cube. Find out how turntablism was born out of an exploration of science and technology. You’ll also hear why Logic thinks failure is important, why he believes one should follow their dreams, how music saved him from other paths, and why his message is always positive. All that, plus, you’ll discover Neil’s soft spot for creative artists and the story of how Logic invited Neil to be on his new album, Everybody.

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