Expanding Our Perspectives, with Susan Sarandon

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Ready to have your perspectives expanded, cosmically and otherwise? Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomes actress and activist Susan Sarandon, exoplanetary scientist Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer, astrophysicist Dr. Emily Rice, Bill Nye and comic co-host Maeve Higgins. You’ll meet a transgender scientist and ponder whether marijuana might have helped Carl Sagan see the universe differently. You’ll also hear about how looking down on Earth from space changed the way two different astronauts think of our home planet: Mike Massimino and Samantha Cristoforetti, the Italian astronaut who holds the record for longest single space flight by a woman. The three astrophysicists discuss how we are moving from the classification of both celestial objects and human gender into strict categories, to the growing recognition that there is greater diversity in both than we originally thought. Plus, Bill Nye weighs in on broadening one’s perspective through science, of course.

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