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Cosmic Queries: Galactic Grab Bag

bullet-cluster_Credit_X-Ray_NASA-CXC-CfA-MMarkevitch_etal_Optical_NASA-STScI_Magellan-UArizona-DClowe_etal-ft Season 7, Episode 12  |  Post Date: 20 May 2016

First time comic co-host Iliza Shlesinger reaches into our Galactic Grab Bag to ask host Neil Tyson questions from our fans about light sails and laser beams, black holes, the search for life in the universe, antimatter, and intelligent dinosaurs.

Cosmic Queries: A Stellar Smorgasbord

Red-giant_Credit_NASA_Walt-Feimer_1-feat Season 7, Episode 10  |  Post Date: 6 May 2016

Astrophysicists Neil Tyson and Charles Liu answer a feast of fan-submitted questions, ranging from asteroid mining to the heat death of the universe, selected by co-host Eugene Mirman. Plus a new “How Tweet It Is” segment with Neil and Bill Nye.

The Promise and Peril of the Genomic Revolution

The-Genomic-Revolution_Credit_Wavebreakmedia-Ltd_Wavebreak-Media-feat Season 7, Episode 9  |  Post Date: 29 April 2016

Get an update from the front lines of the genomic revolution when Neil Tyson interviews Anne Wojcicki, co-founder/CEO of genetic testing company 23andMe. In studio, bioethicist Prof. Robert Klitzman provides perspective. Chuck Nice co-hosts.

Racing Extinction with Leilani Münter

Credit: Leilani Münter. Season 7, Episode 8  |  Post Date: 22 April 2016

We’re waving two very different green flags this week when Neil Tyson interviews NASCAR driver and environmental activist Leilani Münter. Eugene Mirman co-hosts, with guests Dr. Marcia DeLonge and Don Anair of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Cosmic Queries – Science and Morality

Pipet,-needle-and-egg_Credit_the-lightwriter_iStock-feat Season 7, Episode 7  |  Post Date: 15 April 2016

Explore the intersection of science and morality when host Neil deGrasse Tyson answers fan questions with the help of guest Michael Shermer, the founder of Skeptic Magazine and author of The Moral Arc. Eugene Mirman co-hosts.

Unravelling Reddit with Alexis Ohanian

Reddit Logo Season 7, Episode 6  |  Post Date: 8 April 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the “front page of the internet” with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Learn about how Reddit got started, net neutrality, trolls and more. With BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis and co-host Eugene Mirman.

StarTalk Live! from SF Sketchfest 2016 (Part 2)

On-Stage-At-SF-Sketchfest-2016_Credit_Dan-Dion-ft Season 7, Episode 5  |  Post Date: 1 April 2016

This week we’re still on Mars with Andy Weir, author of “The Martian”, and Dr. Jim Green, Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division. Join Bill Nye, Eugene Mirman and Maeve Higgins for Part 2 of our show recorded live at SF Sketchfest. ADULT LANGUAGE.

StarTalk Live! from SF Sketchfest 2016 (Part 1)

Getting-Ready-for-Mars_LtoR_Maeve-Higgins,-Andy-Weir,-Bill-Nye,-Jim-Green,-Eugene-Mirman_Credit_Dan-Dion-feat Season 7, Episode 4  |  Post Date: 25 March 2016

We’re going to Mars! Join commander Bill Nye and executive officer Eugene Mirman as we explore the Red Planet with NASA Planetary Science Division Director Jim Green, “The Martian” author Andy Weir, and Maeve Higgins. RECORDED LIVE, ADULT LANGUAGE.

Protecting Earth from Asteroids

Asteroid-hitting-Earth_Artist-Impression_Credit_puchan_iStock-ft Season 7, Episode 3  |  Post Date: 18 March 2016

How can humanity escape the fate of the dinosaurs? Find out when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart, co-founder of the B612 foundation, devoted to protecting Earth from asteroids. With co-host Eugene Mirman.

Cosmic Queries – New Mysteries of the Universe

gravitational-waves-visualization_Credit_Henze_NASA-feat Season 7, Episode 2  |  Post Date: 11 March 2016

Alien megastructures? Gravitational waves? Time travel via wormhole? Crack open the latest cosmic conundrums when astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson answers fan submitted questions, thrown at him by our co-host Eugene Mirman.

Gazing into the Future with Ray Kurzweil

Gazing-into-the-Future_Credit_maxuser-iStock-feat Season 7, Episode 1  |  Post Date: 4 March 2016

SEASON PREMIERE: Where is humanity going, and what will we be like when we get there? Explore artificial intelligence and “the Singularity” with Neil Tyson and futurist Ray Kurzweil. Chuck Nice co-hosts, with guest neuroscientist Gary Marcus in studio.

Season 6 Time Capsule (Part 2)

Season 6 Time Capsule Season 6, Episode 59  |  Post Date: 26 February 2016

You asked the questions, you chose the episodes: Join us for your favorite Cosmic Queries of Season 6, answered by your own personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, guest host Bill Nye and co-hosts Chuck Nice and Leighann Lord.

Season 6 Time Capsule (Part 1)

Photo Credits (Clockwise from top left): Season 6, Episode 58  |  Post Date: 19 February 2016

Join host Neil deGrasse Tyson as he revisits our fan’s favorite episodes from a season overflowing with science, comedy, moguls, whistleblowers, evolution, invention, and exploration.

Cosmic Queries – The Science of Love

Credit: pixologicstudio/iStock. Season 6, Episode 57  |  Post Date: 12 February 2016

What’s love got to do with it? Find out in our Valentine’s Day edition of Cosmic Queries when co-host Chuck Nice gets down on his knees and pops your questions to Neil deGrasse Tyson and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher.

Protecting Our Environment, with Gina McCarthy

Earthrise_1968_Apollo-8_NASA Season 6, Episode 56  |  Post Date: 5 February 2016

What will it take to keep Earth habitable for humanity? Neil Tyson finds out from EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. Also featuring environmental blogger Andrew Revkin, science historian Naomi Oreskes, co-host Maeve Higgins and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The Value of Science, with Brian Cox

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Cox_Credit_National Geographic Channels-feat Season 6, Episode 55  |  Post Date: 29 January 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson compares notes with British physicist and TV host Brian Cox about wormholes, lightsabers, science literacy and more. Also featuring futurist Jason Silva, Dr. Janna Levin, and co-host Maeve Higgins. Plus, Bill Nye extols the value of “Looking Up.”

A Conversation with Alan Rickman, Revisited

Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-and-Alan-Rickman_Credit_David-Gamble-feat Season 6, Episode 54  |  Post Date: 22 January 2016

In 2012, Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed Alan Rickman for a 2-part show about the craft of acting, the education system, and much more. We’ve selected our favorite parts from those episodes for this look back. Chuck Nice co-hosts, with guest Charles Liu.

Science and Social Justice with David Crosby

David Crosby and Neil deGrasse Tyson_Credit_National Geographic Channels-feat Season 6, Episode 53  |  Post Date: 15 January 2016

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about science fiction, folk music and social justice with rock and roll legend and science geek David Crosby. Chuck Nice co-hosts, Thomas Sugrue provides historical context, and Bill Nye praises “People Power” and “The Pill.”

Colonizing Mars with Bas Lansdorp

mars-one-habitat-feat Season 6, Episode 52  |  Post Date: 8 January 2016

Can Mars One succeed? Neil Tyson gets a mission briefing from CEO Bas Lansdorp. In studio, Mike Massimino and Eugene Mirman are skeptical, candidate Ryan MacDonald calls in, and Bill Nye explains why he wants to send real astronauts.

Extended Classic: Time Lords: The Science of Keeping Time with Chris Hardwick

Astronomical clock at the Zytglogge tower in Berne, Switzerland. Einstein lived near the Zytglogge when working at the patent office in Berne. Credit: Yann and Lupo [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Season 6, Episode 51  |  Post Date: 1 January 2016

Travel back in time to Season 2 as Neil Tyson and Chris Hardwick take a mind-bending journey into the science of time, from relativity and leap seconds, to neutrinos and time-telling oysters. Now with 12 new minutes of Neil, Bill Nye and Steven Soter in the “Cosmic Crib!”

Extended Classic: Holiday Lights

hbxmas_credner-feat Season 6, Episode 50  |  Post Date: 25 December 2015

Neil Tyson celebrates the cosmic significance of the season, from the solstice to the Star of Bethlehem. Leighann Lord and Chuck Nice co host, with Seth MacFarlane and Brother Guy Consolmagno. Now with 12 minutes of Neil, Bill Nye and Steven Soter in the “Cosmic Crib!”

The Science of Creativity, with David Byrne

Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-and-David-Byrne_Courtesy-National-Geographic-Channel-feat Season 6, Episode 49  |  Post Date: 18 December 2015

Neil Tyson explores art, science and creativity with the help of musician and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne. Providing backup are cognitive scientist/pianist Dr. Mónica López-González, composer/programmer Prof. David Cope, and co-host Maeve Higgins, with a guest solo by Bill Nye.

Expanding Our Perspectives, with Susan Sarandon

Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-and-Susan-Sarandon_Credit_Brian-Stansfield-feat Season 6, Episode 48  |  Post Date: 11 December 2015

Ready to have your perspectives expanded, cosmically and otherwise? Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomes actress and activist Susan Sarandon, exoplanetary scientist Dr. Rebecca Oppenheimer, astrophysicist Dr. Emily Rice, Bill Nye and co-host Maeve Higgins.

The Science of Illusion with Penn & Teller

Penn,-Tyson-and-Teller_Photo-Credit_National-Geographic-Channel-feat Season 6, Episode 47  |  Post Date: 4 December 2015

Learn the secret of magic when Penn & Teller sit down with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Chuck Nice and neuroscientist Susana Martinez-Conde join Neil in studio, Michael Shermer calls in about skepticism, and Bill Nye explains why we want to believe.

Extended Classic: Tour of the Solar System

Neptune_Voyager-2_NASA-feat Season 6, Episode 46  |  Post Date: 27 November 2015

Join Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice as they tour the solar system with Mars Exploration Rover principal investigator Steve Squyres and planetary scientist Heidi Hammel. Extended with 10 minutes of new Cosmic Queries with Bill Nye!

The Science of Family Guy with Seth MacFarlane

Stewie's Time Machine from “Family Guy”. ™ and © 2015 FOX and its related entities. All rights reserved. Season 6, Episode 45  |  Post Date: 20 November 2015

Neil Tyson and his friend Seth MacFarlane delve into the science of “Family Guy”, from the Big Bang to the multiverse. Chuck Nice and Charles Liu join Neil in studio, Simon Singh calls in about math in “The Simpsons”, and Bill Nye gets super-heroic.

Exploring Science and Comedy with Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Credit: The National Geographic Channel. Season 6, Episode 44  |  Post Date: 13 November 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson studies the science of comedy with Larry Wilmore, comic co-host Eugene Mirman and cognitive neuroscientist Scott Weems. Andy Weir, author of “The Martian,” calls into the show and Bill Nye attempts a little comedy improv.

Decoding Science and Politics with Bill Clinton

President-Bill-Clinton-and-Neil-deGrasse-Tyson_Credit_Brian-Stansfield Season 6, Episode 43  |  Post Date: 6 November 2015

Neil Tyson explores science and politics with former President Bill Clinton, from the human genome to the Higgs boson to the Hubble Space Telescope. Chuck Nice and futurist Juan Enriquez join Neil in studio, and Bill Nye hails our “scientists in chief.”

Cosmic Queries: Monsters with Bill Nye

Cosmic-Queries-Monsters_Credit_losw_iStock-feat Season 6, Episode 42  |  Post Date: 30 October 2015

With Halloween just around the corner, guest host Bill Nye and co-host Chuck Nice apply a little science and rationality to fan questions about zombies, ghosts, vampires, dragons, Frankenstein’s monster, and Bill’s old boss.

StarTalk Live! at the Apollo (Part 2)

StarTalk-Live!-onstage-at-the-Apollo_Eugene-Mirman_Phoebe-Robinson_-Senator-Cory-Booker_Neil-Tyson_Ainissa-Ramirez_Maeve-Higgins_Credit_Elliot-Severn-feat Season 6, Episode 40  |  Post Date: 16 October 2015

StarTalk’s night at the historic theater in Harlem concludes with some surprises, including a song by Neil Tyson’s nephew, the rapper, Tyson. With Eugene Mirman, Senator Cory Booker, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, Phoebe Robinson and Maeve Higgins.

StarTalk Live! at the Apollo (Part 1)

Backstage-at-the-Apollo_Neil-Tyson,-Phoebe-Robinson,-Maeve-Higgins,-Eugene-Mirman,-Ainissa-Ramirez,-Senator-Cory-Booker_Credit_Elliot-Severn-feat Season 6, Episode 39  |  Post Date: 9 October 2015

It’s not your typical night at the Apollo when Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman welcome Senator Cory Booker, science evangelist Dr. Ainissa Ramirez and comedians Maeve Higgins and Phoebe Robinson to the historic theater in Harlem, NYC.

Cosmic Queries: Colonizing Mars

Mosaic of the Valles Marineris hemisphere of Mars projected into point perspective, a view similar to that which one would see from a spacecraft. The distance is 2500 kilometers from the surface of the planet, with the scale being .6km/pixel. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Season 6, Episode 38  |  Post Date: 2 October 2015

Is Mars the kind of place to raise your kids? This week, Neil Tyson and Chuck Nice answer fan questions about terraforming, psychology, international treaties, and even the impact of Martian gravity and atmosphere on baseball.

A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 2)

Photograph of Neil deGrasse Tyson standing next to Edward Snowden's virtual telepresence robot, taken by Josh Bell of the ACLU. Season 6, Episode 37  |  Post Date: 25 September 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s exclusive, one-on-one conversation with Edward Snowden – via robot – concludes with a deeper dive into metadata, personal privacy and covert communications, before exploring pulsars and cosmic background radiation.

A Conversation with Edward Snowden (Part 1)

Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-and-Edward-Snowden_Credit_Carlos-Valdes-Lora-ft Season 6, Episode 36  |  Post Date: 18 September 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with whistleblower Edward Snowden via robotic telepresence from Moscow. In Part 1, they discuss Isaac Newton, knowledge and learning, the Periodic Table, encryption and privacy, and much more.

StarTalk Live! Parasites and Poisons at The Bell House

StarTalk-Live-Parasites_Backstage-at-Bell-House_Mark-Siddall_Neil-deGrasse-Tyson_Jessica-Williams_Eugene-Mirman_H-Jon-Benjamin_Credit_Navid-Baraty-feat Season 6, Episode 35  |  Post Date: 13 September 2015

A strange brew of poisons, parasites and infectious diseases is on tap at The Bell House when Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman welcome guests Mark Siddall, the Leech Guy, and comedians H. Jon Benjamin and Jessica Williams.

Extended Classic: “Are You Out of Your Mind?” with Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks Season 6, Episode 34  |  Post Date: 6 September 2015

Join us for Neil deGrasse Tyson’s original interview with his recently departed friend Oliver Sacks, now extended with exclusive, never-before-heard content. Also featuring guest Cara Santa Maria and co-host Chuck Nice.

Extended Classic: A Conversation with God

Image Credit: The Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo. Season 6, Episode 33  |  Post Date: 30 August 2015

Neil Tyson has a one-on-one conversation with… God. Join us for divine revelations about everything from the Big Bang, to evolution and creationism, to aliens. Now including “God’s Favorites,” plus “How Tweet It Is” with Neil and Bill Nye.

StarTalk Live! Climate Change

Backstage at The Bell House before StarTalk Live! Climate Change. From Left: Eugene Mirman, Jemaine Clement, Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig, Bill Nye, Michael Che. Photo Credit: Elliot Severn. Season 6, Episode 32  |  Post Date: 23 August 2015

On a hot night in Brooklyn, Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman get steamed up about climate change with help from their guests, climatologist Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig (member of the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC) and comedians Jemaine Clemant and Michael Che.

StarTalk Live! Sociology and the Human Condition

Backstage-at-StarTalkLive-Sociology_Alondra-Nelson_Wyatt-Cenac_Neil-deGrasse-Tyson_Malcolm-Gladwell_Eugene-Mirman-feat Season 6, Episode 31  |  Post Date: 16 August 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman investigate the human condition with the help of bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, sociologist Dr. Alondra Nelson and comedian Wyatt Cenac. Recorded live at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

The Digital Revolution with Arianna Huffington

Neil Degrasse Tyson and-Arianna Huffington on StarTalkTV - Credit National Geographic Channel Season 6, Episode 30  |  Post Date: 9 August 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the information age with two of its digital elite: Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington and BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis. Chuck Nice co-hosts, and Bill Nye shares about sharing.

Cosmic Queries: Super Powers

Photo Credit: Sergey Nivens/iStock/Thinkstock Season 6, Episode 29  |  Post Date: 2 August 2015

If Superman followed the laws of physics, how could he fly? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice answer this and other questions from our fans about super powers, from the scientifically sound, to the supremely silly.

Exploring Science and Religion with Richard Dawkins

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Eugene Mirman - Photo by David Andrako Season 6, Episode 28  |  Post Date: 26 July 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses science and religion with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Eugene Mirman hosts, with guest Reverend James Martin. Plus, Bill Nye rants about rocks and evolution.

Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 2)

Credit: carmendorin/iStock/Thinkstock. Season 6, Episode 27  |  Post Date: 19 July 2015

Just in case Part 1 wasn’t controversial enough, Bill Nye and Chuck Nice are back to answer more of our fan’s questions about Genetically Modified Organisms, unintended consequences, pollinator problems and more.

Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 1)

Credit: Endopack/iStock/Thinkstock. Season 6, Episode 26  |  Post Date: 12 July 2015

Guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy says he’s changed his mind about GMOs. Find out why when he and co-host Chuck Nice answer fan submitted questions about the controversial subject of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Extended Classic: Madame Saturn: A Conversation with Carolyn Porco (Part 1)

Carolyn Porco and Neil deGrasse Tyson Season 6, Episode 25  |  Post Date: 5 July 2015

Now extended with 10 extra minutes of new Cosmic Queries with Neil, Chuck and Bill Nye! It’s just two kids from the Bronx sitting around talking about looking up as Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with planetary scientist Carolyn Porco, a.k.a. Madame Saturn, leader of the Cassini Imaging Science team. The two discuss how Carolyn’s spiritual […]

TV and the Evolution of American Culture with Norman Lear

Credit: © National Geographic Channel. All rights reserved. Season 6, Episode 24  |  Post Date: 28 June 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson looks at the relationship between television and American culture, with the help of writer and producer Norman Lear, author Saul Austerlitz, and co-host Chuck Nice. Plus, Bill Nye remembers “All in the Family.”

NASA’s Vision for Space with Charles Bolden

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden delivers a “state of the agency” address on Feb. 2, 2015, standing in front of the Orion, SpaceX Dragon and Boeing CST-100 spacecraft. Photo credit: NASA/Gianni Woods. Season 6, Episode 23  |  Post Date: 21 June 2015

How important is space exploration? What’s next? Mars? Europa? Find out when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews NASA Administrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden. Neil is joined in studio by astrophysicist Dr. Michael Shara and Bill Nye.

The Impact of Twitter on Society with Biz Stone

Twitter and the Arab Spring - Creative Commons Season 6, Episode 22  |  Post Date: 14 June 2015

Explore social media’s impact on society when Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone. Sociologist Dr. Alondra Nelson and journalist Clive Thompson also join Neil and Eugene Mirman, while Bill Nye “likes” the revolution.

Social Media in Space with Chris Hadfield

Screen Capture from Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity video Season 6, Episode 21  |  Post Date: 7 June 2015

Find out what it’s like to be an astronaut in the age of social media when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Chris Hadfield. Eugene Mirman co-hosts, Astro Mike Massimino is back, and Bill Nye extols the human exploration of space.

Combating Disease with Jimmy Carter

Neil deGrasse Tyson and President Jimmy Carter Season 6, Episode 20  |  Post Date: 31 May 2015

Former President Jimmy Carter gives Neil deGrasse Tyson a progress report on eradicating Guinea Worm and other diseases. In studio, Chuck Nice and Mark Siddall, “The Leech Guy,” talk about parasites, and Bill Nye warns about our microscopic enemies.

The Science of Music with Josh Groban

Credit: Jeffrey Simons Season 6, Episode 19  |  Post Date: 24 May 2015

There’s more to a song than meets the ear, as Neil deGrasse Tyson finds out when he interviews singer/songwriter/producer Josh Groban. In studio, concert pianist and MIT Lecturer in Music Elaine Kwon and co-host Chuck Nice add their voices to the chorus to help us hear the science woven into the songs.

Cosmic Queries Potpourri

Credit: Jeffrey Simons. Season 6, Episode 18  |  Post Date: 17 May 2015

It’s time for another episode of Cosmic Queries. This week, Neil deGrasse Tyson answers an eclectic mix of fan questions selected by Chuck Nice, from gravity waves and the Great Attractor, to dark matter and nuclear fusion.

The Evolution of Love and Sex with Dan Savage

Season 6 Episode 17 Image Season 6, Episode 17  |  Post Date: 10 May 2015

Dim the lights and get comfy when Neil Tyson chats with sex columnist Dan Savage about modern love. Chuck Nice and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher look at sex scientifically, and Bill Nye rants about… what else?

The Science of Interstellar with Christopher Nolan

Credit: © Warner Bros. UK. All rights reserved. Season 6, Episode 16  |  Post Date: 3 May 2015

Unravel the mysteries of Interstellar when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews filmmaker and auteur Christopher Nolan. In-studio, Eugene Mirman and cosmologist Dr. Janna Levin help keep the conversation down-to-earth.

George Takei and the Legacy of Star Trek

George Takei and Neil deGrasse Tyson Season 6, Episode 15  |  Post Date: 26 April 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson delves into the legacy of Star Trek with George Takei, who played Lt. Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise. In studio, co-host Leighann Lord and astrophysicist Charles Liu discuss how the series inspired the future.

Cosmic Queries: LightSail with Bill Nye

Credit: Josh Spradling / The Planetary Society, via Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Season 6, Episode 14  |  Post Date: 19 April 2015

In May 2015, the Planetary Society will launch its first LightSail spacecraft for a “shakedown cruise” in Earth orbit. So who better to answer fan questions about the program than their CEO, Bill Nye, and comic co-host Chuck Nice?

Autism and Animal Science with Dr. Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin Season 6, Episode 13  |  Post Date: 12 April 2015

Discover how her autism helped Dr. Temple Grandin revolutionize animal science when she sits down with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Featuring Chuck Nice, Dr. Paul Wang of Autism Speaks, and Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society.

StarTalk Live! from SF Sketchfest 2015

From Left: H Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, Dr. G Scott Hubbard, Dr. Yvonne Pendleton, and Bill Nye. Credit: Jakub Mosur. Season 6, Episode 12  |  Post Date: 5 April 2015

Explore the Moon, asteroids and Mars from the stage of San Francisco’s Nourse Theater with Bill Nye, Eugene Mirman and guests astrophysicist Dr. Yvonne Pendleton, “Mars Czar” Dr. G. Scott Hubbard and comedian H. Jon Benjamin.

Cosmic Queries: Bill Nye Edition

Credit: Season 6, Episode 11  |  Post Date: 29 March 2015

The Science Guy takes the mic to answer your questions for him about evolution, technology, the human exploration of space, and even Leonard Nimoy, chosen from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus by co-host Chuck Nice.

The Future of Humanity with Elon Musk

Elon Musk unveils the Dragon V2 during a ceremony for the new spacecraft inside SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif. Image Credit: NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis Season 6, Episode 10  |  Post Date: 22 March 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the future of humanity with one of the men forging that future: billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Co-hosted by Chuck Nice and guest starring Bill Nye.

A Universe of Inspiration (Repeat)

Peter Max - Different Drummer Season 6, Episode 9  |  Post Date: 15 March 2015

Explore how science has inspired art through the ages, from Leonardo da Vinci to computer games, when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews artist Peter Max. With co-host Lynne Koplitz and guest Bill Nye.

StarTalk Live! Evolution with Richard Dawkins (Part 2)

The whole StarTalk Live! cast backstage at The Beacon Theatre in NYC (L to R): Bill Nye, Jim Gaffigan, Maeve Higgins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Eugene Mirman. Photo by David Andrako. Season 6, Episode 8  |  Post Date: 8 March 2015

Our evolutionary journey concludes with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Eugene Mirman, Jim Gaffigan and Maeve Higgins, recorded live at the Beacon Theatre in NYC.


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