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Post Date: 6 October 2013

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Season 4, Episode 30

Photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewing Joe Rogan taken by Jamie Vernon © 2013

Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewing Joe Rogan. Photo Credit: Jamie Vernon © 2013

It’s a different kind of StarTalk as Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Joe Rogan, recorded the night he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience. As Neil says, the two hosts “spilled their guts onto the table in a kind of free-for-all.” One conversation covered human DNA, evolution, biochemistry, genetic reward systems, and reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian and Snookie. You’ll hear why science is a big part of Joe’s comedy, from the Higgs boson to the Big Bang: “Part of my job is being curious.” The two ex-wrestlers also discuss the physics of wrestling and mixed martial arts, and how science is a game changer in every sport. Neil sums the interview up best: “…here’s a guy who shatters anybody’s stereotype of who should be an expert at what…Joe Rogan is okay in my book… We’re both a big fan of just getting people to think for themselves.”

Warning: This podcast contains strong language that may not be suitable for all ages.

Joe Rogan, comedian, actor, martial artist, UFC commentator, host of Fear Factor and The Joe Rogan Experience

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  • Richard Bello

    Could it be possible that what we call god is in fact a n extraterrestrial race that we are totally disconnected with and are in need of their help again because we’ve fallen off the course we were supposed to take ?… such as nuclear bombs, polluting the earth of toxic waste etc……

  • Jamar

    I wish StarTalk Radio was longer than one hour…

  • Kepler Auguste

    This is my first time listening to a podcast and Im glad Im listening to this one . Joe Rogan & Neil Degrasse Tyson in one room ! AWESOME . Wish I was able to meet you Neil at St. Francis College in Brooklyn heights last week. But keep up the great work ! Both of you !

  • Mistletoe


    Joe Rogan is not a testosterone-fueled funny guy. If you listen to the JRE, you can hear him tell his closest friends how much he loves them without saying it. He tells Duncan Trussell over and over how admirable he finds his thirst for knowledge. He sees a picture of a 14 year old Joey Diaz and doesn’t hesitate to call him cute. If you think you know Joe Rogan, you don’t. He surprises you. Just come to him with an open mind and he’ll meet you half way with an open heart.

  • http://nil Jason B

    I love both JRE and Startalk. Praise Odin and keep looking up!

  • Matt

    Jeff, I do see the “download” button in the lower left of the soundcloud player, but it simply does not work. It brings up the standard iphone media player but it has a big slash icon indicating that there is nothing to play. And of course the play button on the soundcloud player does nothing. Would you please consider posting the MP3 files directly as you did previously? I can only get these to play from my PC now :(

  • James


  • Jay

    Great interview! Both this and your appearance on the JRE podcast were excellent. Hope you both collaborate again!

  • Dan

    Joe took a nasty hit to the head back when he was a fighter — to our benefit.

    He demonstrates that you don’t have to be a super genius to contemplate the cosmos, although he is far smarter and articulate than he gives himself credit. Unlike the nut cases out there who automatically accept any explanation that involves UFOs, he asks the questions and has the courage to discard the fanciful. We need more Joes in real life.

    Question: Your name is Garrelli?

  • Dude

    Link to Joe Rogan Podcast 310 with Neil

  • http://Phoenix,Arizona K1uroreq

    LOL! Whaaatt? I’m sorry, is this guy a scientist? Does he have a phd in Radio astronomy? “14 billion years ago scientists were drinking Redbull…”, whatt, hahah? He has a masters’ in Twitter, I guess. This is hilarious NDT and I love the way you kept probing his ‘Googled regurgitated philosophy’ like a surgeon, you’re too good. Love the podcast but this was special, thx for holding back & being easy on him, you’re a scholar and a gentlemen, sir.
    Student of NDT

  • WoahDude

    We need more JRE + NDT.

    Also Bad Religion was a good choice. More of them too.

  • Blake

    I smiled when Bad Religion came on. Awesome! :)

  • BrianKHAAAN

    Excellent episode. Much cosmic love to both Joe Rogan and NDT!

  • Mark

    ‘Could it be possible that what we call god is in fact a n extraterrestrial race that we are totally disconnected with and are in need of their help again because we’ve fallen off the course we were supposed to take ?… such as nuclear bombs, polluting the earth of toxic waste etc……”

    Sure that’s vaguely possible (the disconnect seems unlikely to me), so, to be fair, as this is also based on just as much evidence as you present (none), you consider the possibility, *I* am god and I am demanding you transfer all your assets to ‘Huge NdGT FAN, 2049 E First St. P.O. Box 1, Mesa, AZ 41777′ – or ‘else’. (dramatic music; ‘dun dun duuuun’)

    Me – I don’t call anyone/thing ‘god’ or ‘God’. Perhaps its just how *you* have defined this term ‘god’. Tho, It doesn’t seem to match other definitions as far as I’m aware of. But, I would be forced to concede questions of veracity to any definition given the wealth of contrasting ones.

    What you described was an alien race disconnected from its offspring – vs – supernatural, omnipresent, etc – just *some* of the popular yet alleged attributes of ‘God’ and many other ‘god’s.

    I mean if that’s your definition of ‘god’ or ‘God’ – there are many (some saying as many as 20M in the US alone), and are not particularly special, much less omnipotent.

  • Daniel Pizzelle

    Thank you both guys! I was just thinking its been such a long time since my Dr Demento days. Now its you two guys and the circle of people around you. The more things change the more they stay the same. Joe’s exactly right when he says you’re like friends to people. I feel like I’m right there hanging out with you whenever I listen. Thank God for me I’m lucky enough to have a few friends in my life who’re also interested in things esoteric. We often discuss a podcast we’ve listened to! Anyway love you both! Keep up the good work!

    ****Magnanimity…makes all the difference in the world.

  • Jacob Feldman

    I am so happy to hear these podcasts after a long day of school were i am not alowed to really explore my interests.

    • Joe

      I know this is probably a bit late but I know how you feel Jacob, I’ve been in your position. Hold on strong man.

  • justin connors

    I like joe rogan, he can ccome across kind of pretentious at times, which is especially annoying when he obviously dosnt know enough about the topic he is discussing. but at the same time i relate with his curiosity and his perspective on the human condition. good episode. i was going to wtach his podcast but 2and a half hours? i aint got time for that bro, i hope you got the highlights.

    • Bob Turner

      They’ve got “Best of the Week” videos, which usually take good solid clips from that week’s podcasts, which are usually about 8 or 10 minutes long.

  • Yawa

    Sooooooooooo! That’s really what’s wrong on this planet. Not enough smart people making babies!!

    • Nathalie

      That’s typical stupid replies Joe Rogan can come up with.

      • Kirk

        It was a joke, not that either of you would understand.

  • Yawa

    He gives us deeper insight and understanding of the term “stupid motherf**kers”.

  • MrSeb

    Thank you Prof. Tyson for being here and bringing the science to the people!
    It is people like you that give us inspiration and hope for the future.

  • Nathalie

    Hate JR (my god that guy wants so desperately to be intelligent and yet he babbles all kinds of….), Looooooooooooove you NDT <3

    • Victor

      And you want attention for your unintelligent comment so desperately. Lol indeed

      • Missthalie

        Making a post doesn’t mean wanting attention.

    • Swedish guy

      “hate”? You dont think intelligent is something to strive for?

      • Missthalie

        You don’t strive for it, you have it or you don’t.. he doesn’t

        • sergio

          the guy is successful in different branches… so we aren’t talking about a Justin Beiber or Kim K type of success.
          It takes a different type of intelligence, if you think that STEM people can only be intelligent then you have completely misinterpreted the word.

      • Missthalie

        JR and intelligence are seperate subjects.

  • Jonathan Altman

    I am guilty of following successful people. Like Joe Rogan says. I try to follow scientific and intellectually successful people. I hope this is good enough while also keeping my scientific filter but this is a really cool and very huge intellectual idea.