Making Cents of Money

Post Date: 27 June 2011

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Season 2, Episode 23

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Show me the money! Best-selling personal finance author and TV host Suze Orman gives us her two cents about investing, the economic melt-down, and the impact of science on the financial world. Andrew Lo, director of the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering, guides us on a non-random walk down Wall Street and reveals the neurobiology behind financial transactions. Eugene Mirman coins some comic interest for a show that’s already an embarrassment of riches.


Suze Orman Best-selling author of personal finance books, and host of the Suze Orman Show.
Andrew Lo Director of the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering, and chief investment strategist of the asset management company AlphaSimplex Group.


Eugene Mirman Comedian.

  • mathieu malecot

    we can increase the average standard of living while individuals gain/lose wealth. scientific research helps achieve this by increasing efficiency so that supply constraints are minimized.