Cosmic Queries: Space Tourism

Post Date: 19 January 2014

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Season 5, Episode 2

Image Credit: Poster from "Space Tourists" movie by Christian Frei

Image Credit: Poster from “Space Tourists” movie by Christian Frei

Book passage to the final frontier with host Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Leighann Lord. Get tourism tips from Neil, including what to visit on Mars (Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris are must-sees) and what he really thinks of the Martian moons. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about why we puke in space, how to avoid it, and why there’s less vomit on the Vomit Comet these days. Find out how Space Elevators work and why they’re not feasible… yet. Plus, listen to an in-depth discussion about the forces that drive space tourism, and what role government, NASA and private industry will play. You’ll discover what space tourism has in common with the growth of the American railroad system and the exploitation of near-Earth asteroids for mineral wealth, and whether humanity could end up like the Ferengi from Star Trek (don’t worry – super-geek Leighann will explain it all).

Leighann Lord, comedian

“Space Travel” – Yellowcard
“The Space We Are” – Ronski Speed
“Gold” – Britt Nicole
“Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space” – Spiritualized
“Tourist” – Yuna
“Lost in Space” – Aimee Mann
“Space Boy” – Splendour
“Space is the Place” – Spacehog
“Out of Space” – Prodigy

  • Mr. Thankful

    Thanks for another great show.

  • David Ashby

    Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson has inspired me to go back to college to hopefully teach science in the future. I only hope my passion will inspire many just as Dr Tyson has inspired me. Thank you Dr Tyson!

    • proghead777

      GO GO GO! Be all that you can be. You will not only be enriching yourself, you’ll be enriching the HUMAN SPECIES. We can never have too many people doing that. Godspeed (so to speak) David Ashby. Give it everything you have. Neil would be proud.

  • dwhatley

    re: vomit comet
    In the Q&A Dr. Tyson alluded to videos of cats in zero G. I looked up a few and it occurred to me that the cats did not appear sluggish nor did they vomit however, the clips were short and old. Do animals get queasy or is there something different about their anatomy that adjusts more easily than humans?

  • Dany

    I wanted to see video of the cat in zero g… Dr Neil was about to tell how to google it and got interrupted :[

    • startalkradio

      Sorry, Dany. Here’s a link to one of the versions on YouTube:

      • Debbie

        poor cat is trying to find ‘down’ by twisting his body and whipping his tail.

  • startalkradio

    Thanks for the kind words. We just moved to using Disqus for commenting, and we’re loving it too, Anonymouse.

  • Alexander Adkins

    I just saw on the news reports about the sudden rock appearing in the Mars Rover camera. What comment does Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson have on this event? Is it really important, or nothing to panic over?

    • Nikolay Ivanov

      Most likely it was thrown there by the rover’s wheels. No biggie.

      • Mario l

        Its a big biggie, simply because the composition of this little rock is so different from anything we have seen so far on Mars, The planet keeps surprising us!

  • Alain

    So if i am in an orbit, i am weightless because i’m free falling, if I travel to Mars, i am not in an orbit, am I not weightless because I am not free falling?

    • Tony G.

      you’re still weightless because there is no source of gravity pulling you down. and technically, i believe you are still in orbit around the sun.

  • Roger Prouse

    Hearing Neil talk about how governments have to fund the space science frontier that I’m wondering if the government should also fund the medical science frontier.

  • Love Science

    Love your work Dr. Tyson!

  • mojamoja

    according to wikipedia, longest carbon nanotube = 18.5 cm

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  • Debbie

    wouldnt the space cable be dragged into an arc below the elevator?