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Today: Fan Presale begins for StarTalk Live! at the Beacon Theatre, NYC on 9/21/15

The last time StarTalk Live! went to the Beacon Theatre in NYC, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Eugene Mirman tackled natural selection with an evolution all-star team of Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye, plus a comedy lineup of Jim Gaffigan and Maeve Higgins. Who will join Neil and Eugene on stage this September 21? That’s anybody’s […]

StarTalk Updates: Patreon, StarTalk TV on Digital, T-Shirt Contest, StarTalk Live!

It’s been busy here at StarTalk. From the impending launch of StarTalk TV (and pre-launch renewal announced earlier today!), to our upcoming StarTalk Live! performances, to SiriusXM Insight, to our fan support page on Patreon, to our fan-designed T-shirt Contest, we’ve been busy – and that’s not even counting our efforts on new podcasts. Oh, […]

Sunday: Explore the inner solar system from StarTalk Live! at SF Sketchfest 2015

I didn’t get to see StarTalk Live! at SF Sketchfest 2015, which was recorded at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco. But just reading the tweets from our guest live-tweeter, Heather Archuletta, I knew the show was going to be a blast. First of all, the show features not one, but two comedians from the […]

Announcing the StarTalkLive! Apollo Mission – Exclusive Fan Ticket Presale 3/31-4/3

The phrase “star-studded night at the Apollo” will have a new meaning after May 28th 2015, when astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, comedian Eugene Mirman and their special guests land in Harlem for the first ever performance of StarTalk Live! at the historic New York theater. We can’t tell you yet who the guests are going […]

StarTalk Live! in Boston: Fan Presale Tomorrow at 10 AM ET – Password and Link

Oh, Boston. First you win the Super Bowl. Then, you steal our Social Media Assistant, Sarah, away from the warm and loving embrace of New York to your cold, snowy wilderness on the banks of the icy Charles river. And now you expect us to come all the way up there for another StarTalk Live! […]

Sunday: Genetically Engineering Lactating Men and Better Baristas

If we as a society can’t agree on whether it’s appropriate to genetically modify tomatoes to better survive the cold by introducing fish genes into their genome, how are we going to deal with bioengineering human beings? Is it moral to manipulate human genetics to breed people with desirable traits? What if we could engineer […]

The Evolution of StarTalk Live!: Dawkins! Nye! Tyson!

From our beginnings in the back room at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY to a sell-out performance at the historic Beacon Theatre on Manhattan’s upper west side, StarTalk Live! has evolved into a unique experience where thousands of fans come to share an evening of science, comedy and popular culture. (Don’t worry, Brooklyn – […]

Behind the Scenes at My First StarTalk Live!

Today’s guest post is written by Heather R. Archuletta, who tweets @pillownaut and was kind enough to volunteer as our live tweeter at StarTalk Live! at SF Sketchfest 2015. Formerly with NASA Flight Simulations, Heather writes the “Pillow Astronaut” blog and recruits analogs for sim programs at Johnson Space Center. Here is her account of […]

This Sunday, Return to Water World with Neil deGrasse Tyson and StarTalk Live!

Like Part 1 last week, the unexpected moments are what make StarTalk Live! Water World (Part 2) so delightful. For instance, you can reasonably expect that you’ll hear Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talking about how water privatization has become a trillion-dollar industry and warning about “biostitutes” and the failure of democracy when policy is driven […]

Water, Water Everywhere… StarTalk Live! Gets Wet this Sunday

The last thing anybody expected to hear about at our first StarTalk Live! at The Beacon Theater in NYC was probably Kung Fu Nuns, or, as comedian Jason Sudeikis quickly replied, “Isn’t that where we get nunchuks?” But it turns out that the entire show was about as fluid as its subject, flowing from science […]